The 5 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies of 2022

Dust, pollen, pet hair, spores and fumes. These are just a few of the contaminants that trigger allergies on a daily basis. They are found in and around the spaces we live in. If this seems to be a major problem in your life, then do consider the specialized air purifier for allergies. Not only will they help you breathe easy but it will aid in clearing up your airways. Do take a look at the 5 best air purifiers for allergies of 2022.

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1. LG PuriCare Single Air Purifier

The LG PuriCare works well in large spaces of up to 310 sq ft. It has a colour specific air quality indicator. So you can be aware of the quality of air in your surroundings by just looking at the device.

+ Excellent purification process which delivers 360° clean fresh air.

+ HEPA filter captures six different types of particles. It also removes 99.97% of all harmful particles from the air. Detects and removes particles as small as 1 micron.

+ Ultra quiet operation so you are not disturbed even at night.

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2. LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home

Levoit air purifiers come with a variety of features and can purify the air at a fast rate per hour in rooms up to 183 sq ft.

+ Nylon and activated carbon filters remove most of the contaminants which are atleast 0.3 microns in size.

+ Quiet operation ensures uninterrupted sleep at night.

+ Comes with an app so you can control it from your smartphone. Also compatible with voice controlled devices. Thereby making it very versatile.

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3. KOIOS Air Purifier

This zero ozone emission certified air purifier is easy on the environment. Its sleek and elegant design makes it a great addition to any home.

+ Low power consumption so it can run all day. Noise reducing technology makes it a super quiet device.

+ One touch control button to switch on/off or control the speed. Has an inbuilt night light as well.

+ Filters particles up to 0.3 microns. Its three stage filtration can remove odours and smoke. Thereby maintaining a sterile environment.

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4. Medify MA-14 Air Purifier

The Medify purifier comes in a small size and is lightweight. But it packs in a powerful filtration system which is coupled with easy to use features.

+ Three fan speeds to choose from. Produces virtually no sound on its lowest fan setting.

+ Removes 99.9% of particles up to 0.1 micron in size.

+ Comes with night light as well as sleep mode and a filter replacement indicator.

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5. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier 

This versatile filter has a sleek design which can fit in to any corner of your home or office. Designed to be used either horizontally or vertically.

+ Three step filtration process with permanent HEPA filter which can be cleaned.

+ It has two special settings. A ‘whisper clean’ setting for very quiet operation. As well as a ‘quick setting’ for faster filtration.

+ Carbon filters are present to reduce odours and can be replaced when worn out.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the air purifier is a great device to have so as not to aggravate your allergies. It also helps reduce stuffiness and ensures that you will have lesser allergic flare ups. We would like to recommend the LG PuriCare Air Purifier. It will ensure the highest quality of air within any confined space.

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