The 5 Best Android Chargers of 2021

Your phones life considerably depends on battery health. Therefore, to maintain the health of your phone’s battery you need to get the best android charger. Hence, we have researched and introduced you to some of the best android chargers available in the stores. Have an iPhone? Jump to the best iPhone chargers guide.

1. Wishinkle Quick Charge 3.0

Wishinkle Quick Charge 3.0 is a Qualcomm certified 18W wall charger. Also, its in-built advanced circuitry safeguards and protects your device from over-heating, over-charging and excessive current flow. Moreover, the flame retardant grade ABS material case makes it heat-resistance, chemically stable and safe.

+ Faster than conventional chargers

+ Compact and portable

Doesn’t come with a cord

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2. Alimu Android Charger

Alimu provides you with a pack of two adapters that comes with 18 months of warranty. In addition, it has a good construct and compact charger with very good isolation. It charges your device faster simultaneously, protecting it from over-charging, over-current and over-heating.

+ Cheap and reliable

+ Super durability

Doesn’t come with the cable

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3. Amoner 20W USB C Android Charger

Amoner 20W USB C Charger is a sturdy charger with a robust ABS casing that protects it from any scratches, scrapes, bumps or drops. Also, its small and compact design won’t jam other ports on the wall outlet.

+ Built-in IC system to prevent short-circuit and overheating

+ Robust and Compact

+ Supports all USB C and Lightning port devices

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4. Ugreen 20W USB C Android Charger

Ugreen 20W USB C Charger comes with a compatibility chip that matches the flow of current to the voltage of your device. Also, it’s lightweight and compact to use. Above all, it’s a universal charger as it is compatible with most devices just need to get the right cable like USB C to Lightning or USB C to C.

+ Universal compatibility

+ Pocket size

+ Safe and reliable

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5. Ailun USB C Power Adapter

Ailun USB C Power Adapter charges your phone with a blazing speed from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. Secondly, its lightweight, small and compact space-saving design is convenient to carry. Concurrently, it doesn’t take much space on your outlet socket.

+ Fast charger

+ Foldable plug

+ Compact

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Wrapping Up

A better and faster charger makes life a little convenient. For instance, it saves most of the time. Also increases the life of your battery. Getting the best charger certainly extends the life of your phone. Consider getting a multiport USB charger or a solar phone charger or a hand crank charger for your trips.