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The 5 Best Car Chargers of 2022

How annoying is it when you get in your car to go about your day and then BOOM…! Your phone has died. By getting a car charger you can ensure your battery stays full whenever you’re on the go. There’s a charger suitable for a variety of lifestyles. Simply scroll through our list and see which ones are better-suited for you!

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1. Ailkin Samsung Charger

This charging adapter is suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Ultra, S10, S9, S8, Note 10/9/8. Others include HTC, Xiaomi, Sony, Motorola, and LG. It has a dual port allowing two devices to be charged at once. The port has 3.4A output power, charging at a higher speed compared to others. It comes with a 2 meter charging cable. Passengers can easily access their phones from the back of the car! Its aluminum alloy body makes the gadget scratch-resistant. The LED indicator makes viewing the port easier when dark.

+ 2 meter USB cable

+ Scratch-resistant

+ LED indicator

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2. Yeonphom Car Charger

The Yeonphom car charger has universal compatibility. The purchase comes with two USB cables at a length of one meter each. With a double port, two devices can be charged at the same time. A blue LED light provides better visibility. This gadget also has an aluminium body providing its scratch-resistant feature. Packed with 2.4A output power to charge devices at a higher speed. A special circuit design protects the product from overheating.

+ Universal compatibility

+ Supplies 2 charging wires

+ Scratch-resistant

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3. Iniu Car Charger

One of the cheaper options is the Iniu car charger priced at under £6 for a limited time only! It doesn’t provide a USB cable so you will have to use your own. The product does however come with a 3-year warranty, giving you peace of mind. It has 5.A output power source for a super-fast charging experience! We’re talking 80% of battery in only 30 minutes! The 15-layer smart protect system protects you from the electrics of the device. It also prevents over heating. Small, compact and the same size as a thumb!

+ 5A charging port

+ Cheaper option

+ 3-year warranty

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4. Tecknet 4 Port Universal Car Charger

Do you have a packed out family car with people desperate for a charger, or maybe just multiple devices? Then check out this gadget with a four-port system and 9.6A output power providing supersonic charging speed! The safety circuit system prevents overheating, short circuit, and over-charging. It’s also universally compatible with a range of devices.

+ 4 port connection

+ 9.6A output power

+ Safety system prevents over-heating

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5. Diamante Car Charger

Looking to add some more glitz to your life? Then check out this diamante car charger! It’s also supplied with a diamante USB cable to match the dual port. What makes this gadget unique from the rest is its safety feature. The stainless steel tip can be used as a safety hammer to break windows in case of an emergency. The diamantes come in a range of colours such as white, red, black, pink, and multi-coloured.

+ Turns into a safety hammer

+ Diamante car charger

+ Comes with a diamante USB cable

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Wrapping Up

Nowadays we pretty much live life on the go. Keeping your phone on charge is important. There could be a family emergency or an important business call you just can’t miss! The above list offers a range of price and features. Check out the links and see which gadget will fit into your lifestyle!