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The 5 Best Ceramic Electric Skillets of 2022

One of the most unpleasant sights after frying meats or fishes is the sticky, grease oil left on the skillet’s surface. It’s even more frustrating cleaning up stuck food stains. That’s why you need to level up you cookware with a ceramic electric skillet. This cookware features a nonstick surface and absorbs very little oil. Not only does an electric skillet makes cooking fast and easy, but also energy efficient. If you’re shopping for the best ceramic electric skillet, we’ve got you covered. Check out these products and find which one suits you best.

Best Ceramic Electric Skillets Comparison

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1. Bella Electric Ceramic Titanium Skillet

Best Ceramic Electric Skillet

This electric skillet features a ceramic-titanium coating allowing you to release sticky food easily. You will never have to worry about cleaning up the skillet because you simply wipe the surface with a paper towel. Also, this cookware comes with a super-thick base.

The Bella is a deep dish 12” square skillet. The lid is glass and dishwasher safe. However, the skillet is not. The skillet is non-stick and has stay-cool handles. The temperature range for the Bella is warm to 450 degrees F. You can use this skillet to steam, fry, saute or as a buffet.

+ Cool-touch handle

+ Easy to clean up

+ Scratch-resistant surface

Skillet not dishwasher safe

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2. Presto Electric Skillet

Presto Electric Skillet

If you’re looking for a good electric ceramic skillet, the Presto Grey Ceramic is also an excellent choice. This warp-proof skillet features high sidewalls and a stick-free surface. Also, it comes with a cool-touch handle and a high-quality glass lid.

The presto is a 16” deep dish skillet. The temperature range for this skillet is warm to 400 degrees F. It is not dishwasher safe, but it is immersible, so you don’t have to worry about being too careful when you wash it in the sink. With this skillet, you can make casseroles, roast, fry, grill, stew and more.

+ Nonstick surface

+ It comes with a high-quality glass lid

+ Heats up quickly

Not dishwasher safe

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3. Oster DuraCeramic Electric Skillet

Oster DuraCeramic Electric Skillet

This uniquely designed skillet by Oster features an advanced DuraCeramic nonstick surface property. You can fry, roast or sauté without worrying about chipping or peeling the skillet’s ceramic coating.

The Oster has a ceramic coating which is 4 times more durable than other non-stick cookware. The coating also allows you to cook your food about 30% faster making it energy efficient and eco-friendly. The glass lid has steam vents making it great for high temperature cooking that involves a lot of moisture.

+ It comes with adjustable temperature control

+ Food-safe ceramic coating

+ It doesn’t flakes or peels

Be careful of the hot spots in the middle

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4. Hamilton Beach Durathon Electric Skillet

Hamilton Beach Durathon Electric Skillet

With the Durathon electric skillet’s ceramic coating, you can cook a wide range of recipes without stubborn greasy oils or food stains. It is very durable and is PTFE and PFOA free. It has a reversible design that allows you to use the cord on either side of the skillet, making your cooking adventures that much easier.

The Hamilton is a 15” deep dish skillet. This skillet is dishwasher safe and comes with a glass lid. The temperature range is 200 degrees F to 400 degrees F and is nonstick. This skillet is more expensive compared to some of the others on this list, but with its features and convenience, it is an option worth considering.

+ Easy to clean

+ Durable

+ It comes with a thick glass cover

More expensive

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5. Caynel Nonstick Ceramic Electric Skillet

The Caynel skillet features a deep interior with a nonstick coating surface. It also comes with a tempered glass lid and an always-cool skillet handle. Also, you can fry, roast, or braise without leaving any burned foods.

With this skillet, you can remove and adjust the temperature control allowing you to set your cooking temperature to exactly what you need. It also has a controllable thermostat that will reach up to 460 degrees F and has a power of 1400 Watts. The Caynel is ETL certified and is PTFE and PFOA Free. It can hold up to 6 quarts of food.

+ It comes with an adjustable thermostat

+ Large cookware

+ Food-safe ceramic coating

Small ribs in the corners require extra attention when cleaning

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What to Consider Before Buying An Electric Ceramic Skillet

Before diving into buying an electric ceramic skillet, you want to take a look at some of the features you may want.


Although pretty common to find, not every skillet has a removable base, making clean-up that much easier. 


One of the best features of electric skillets are the stay-cool handles. These help ensure you don’t burn your hands while cooking or removing food. This is a pretty common feature, but double check that your skillet has it. 


Find a skillet with a glass lid so you can check on your food without needing to actually open up the dish. Some lids even have steam vents which are especially handy for recipes that cause a lot of moisture to build up. 

Dishwasher Safe

Not every electric skillet is going to be dishwasher safe. Because of the ceramic coating, these skillets will be easier to clean in the sink than other cookware. However, if you’re someone who hates to do the dishes, you’ll want to make sure you can lad yours into the washer. At the bare minimum, your skillet should be able to be fully immersible so as not to make the cleaning process harder.

Tips For Using An Electric Skillet

Using an electric skillet is pretty similar to your regular cookware. However, there are some things you’ll want to take note of.

  • After you plug in your skillet, be sure to set your temperature to what you need. This may seem obvious, but unlike traditional cookware on the stove, your skillet will stay at the temperature that you set. This will help reduce your cooking time, but make sure to set it at a temperature that won’t burn your food. 
  • You don’t have to add oil. Because these skillets are non-stick, there’s not really a need to add anything to the bottom before your food. This can help keep your dishes healthier while still allowing for easy clean-up. 
  • Before cleaning, let your skillet cool and drain and grease on the pan. Make sure you remove the power cord before coming in contact with water. We also recommend that you wipe away any food particles you can before beginning your wash to make cleaning easier and avoid dirtying your water more than you need to.
  • Don’t scrub too hard on your skillet so you don’t accidentally scratch the ceramic coating that makes your skillet so useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ceramic electric skillet?

An electric skillet is one that can be plugged in to use for cooking. The ceramic refers to the coating on the skillets making them easier to clean because they prevent food from sticking.

Is it worth buying an electric skillet?

Electric skillets will keep the temperatures that you set to cook with unlike a stove. This helps make sure you don’t burn your food and can reduce cooking time.

Is ceramic cookware safe?

We don’t know as much about ceramic cookware as we do other materials. However, they are safe at higher temperatures unlike other non-stick pots and pans.

Wrapping Up

An electric skillet with ceramic coating allows your cookware to withstand high temperatures. It also makes the skillet more durable and convenient to use. No matter which product you choose, our top picks for the best ceramic electric skillets guarantees an enjoyable and stress-free cooking experience.