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The 5 Best Cordless Trimmers of 2022

Does your lawnmower leave out the narrower, hard to reach areas of your yard? Are you looking for a solution for restricted areas where your mower doesn’t fit? The cordless trimmer will do the job for you. Picking up where the lawnmower leaves off, it clears up any compact areas. You can just turn it on and go to any corner of your yard. It will provide an excellent finish to any trimming task. Do take a look at the top 5 cordless trimmers of this year.

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1. Worx Power Share Trimmer

The Worx trimmer is easy to use and weighs just six pounds. Its head tilts a full 90° so you can use it on uneven terrain or tight spaces.

+ Can alternate between trimmer and edger. Therefore allowing you to perform both tasks well.

+ Handle can be adjusted to seven different positions for a more comfortable grip.

+ Spacer guard helps prevent accidental trimming of flowers or plants.

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2. Wesco Cordless Trimmer

The Wesco trimmer has a 3 in 1 feature and can easily shift between a trimmer, edger and mini mower.

+ Can cut through tough grass and weeds as well. Thus making it a sturdy option.

+ Soft rubber handle and lighter weight of the machine ensures fatigue – free operation.

+ There is also a safety guard and anti-collision protection technology. Thereby, making it secure for use around the garden.

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3. PowerSmart String Trimmer

This low – weight battery operated trimmer is easy and convenient to use. Great features coupled with excellent customer support make this a great package.

+ Large cutting diameter and safety lock.

+ Can adjust trimming length according to need. So it is very versatile.

+ Battery and charger are included. A minimum of one hour charge is needed in order to function fully.

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4. Black+Decker Cordless Trimmer

The Black+Decker trimmer has a power drive feature that prevents slowing down. Comes with increased power for better function.

+ Adjustable deck height with pivoting handle makes it easy to use.

+ Automatic feed system ensures a bump – free ride without stopping.

+ Two batteries for extended run – time.

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5. Greenworks Trimmer 

A very versatile tool to keep your yard looking neat and organized for longer.

+ Telescoping handle. So this trimmer can be adjusted and stored easily.

+ Four position pivoting head. This allows for easy selection of the trim angle.

+ Emission – free. Very sustainable in the long term.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the trimmer will be an excellent addition to your yard. It’ll keep things neat and looking fresh at all times. However, do pick one that best suits your garden needs. If you have trouble choosing, we would like to recommend the Worx Trimmer. Not only is it the best in quality but it will also be of considerable help with all its great features.

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