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The 5 Best Electric Banjos of 2023

We’ve heard and seen many electric guitars and there is something for you banjo players too. YES, I mean electric banjos. The banjo is your instrument. It is your personality. We bring in the electric ones so you can enjoy the added features to magnify your experience while playing it. Some brands have dedicated their time to making the banjos that will give you the goosebumps you long for. Here are some of the best electric banjos of 2023.

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Things To Consider Before Buying an Electric Banjo

Sound quality

The sound quality is the most important consideration when buying an electric banjo. Look for a banjo that produces a clear and crisp sound, with good resonance and sustain.

Type of pickups

There are two main types of pickups that are used in electric banjos – magnetic pickups and piezo pickups. Magnetic pickups are generally used for a brighter sound, while piezo pickups produce a more mellow tone.

Neck and fingerboard

The neck and fingerboard should be comfortable to play, with good action and string spacing. Look for a banjo with a smooth and responsive fingerboard, and a neck that is easy to grip.

Weight and balance

The weight and balance of the electric banjo are important considerations, especially if you plan on playing for long periods of time. Look for a banjo that is lightweight and well-balanced, so that it is comfortable to play both standing up and sitting down.

Body material

The material that the banjo body is made from can affect the sound quality and tone of the instrument. Common materials include mahogany, maple, and rosewood, each with its own unique sound characteristics.

Scale length

The scale length of the electric banjo can affect the playability of the instrument. Look for a banjo with a scale length that is comfortable for your playing style and hand size.

Tuning system

There are different types of tuning systems used in electric banjos, including traditional friction pegs, geared tuners, and planetary tuners. Choose a tuning system that is easy to use and provides accurate tuning.


Electric banjos can vary greatly in price, depending on the brand, quality, and features. Set a budget and look for a banjo that offers good value for money.

Brand and reputation

Look for a reputable brand that is known for producing high-quality electric banjos. Read reviews and ask for recommendations from other musicians.


Consider any accessories that may be included with the banjo, such as a case, strap, or extra strings. These can add value and convenience to your purchase.

Types of Electric Banjos

Solid-body electric banjo

A solid-body electric banjo has a solid body made of wood or other materials and is similar in construction to an electric guitar. The sound is picked up by a magnetic pickup and can be adjusted using tone and volume controls.

Semi-hollow electric banjo

A semi-hollow electric banjo has a partially hollow body, similar to a semi-hollow electric guitar. This type of banjo provides a more acoustic-like sound than a solid-body banjo.

Acoustic-electric banjo

An acoustic-electric banjo has a hollow body like a traditional banjo, but also has a pickup system that allows it to be amplified through an amplifier or PA system. This type of banjo can be played acoustically or plugged in for amplified sound.

Five-string electric banjo

A five-string electric banjo is a banjo that has five strings, with the fifth string typically shorter and higher-pitched than the other four. This type of banjo is commonly used in bluegrass and country music.

Six-string electric banjo

A six-string electric banjo is a hybrid between a banjo and a guitar. It has six strings like a guitar, but is played like a banjo, with a distinctive sound that combines elements of both instruments.

Tenor electric banjo

A tenor electric banjo is a four-string banjo that is often used in jazz music. It has a shorter scale length than a five-string banjo, which makes it easier to play fast and complex melodies.

Baritone electric banjo

A baritone electric banjo is a larger banjo that is tuned lower than a standard banjo. It is often used in country and folk music for its deep and rich tone.

Resonator electric banjo

A resonator electric banjo has a resonator cone in the body that amplifies the sound. This type of banjo is often used in bluegrass and country music for its loud and clear tone.

Extra Features to Look for

Onboard preamp

Some electric banjos have an onboard preamp, which allows you to adjust the tone and volume of the instrument without the need for an external amplifier. This can be a useful feature if you want to play the banjo acoustically or in small venues where you don’t need a lot of volume.

MIDI output

Some electric banjos have a MIDI output, which allows you to connect the instrument to a computer or other MIDI device. This can be useful if you want to record your playing or use the banjo to trigger virtual instruments or other MIDI devices.

Multi-scale fingerboard

Some electric banjos have a multi-scale fingerboard, which means that the frets are angled differently for each string. This can help to improve intonation and playability, especially for complex fingerstyle techniques.

Adjustable pickup height

Some electric banjos allow you to adjust the height of the pickups, which can affect the tone and volume of the instrument. This can be a useful feature if you want to experiment with different pickup positions to find the sweet spot for your playing style.

Built-in effects

Some electric banjos have built-in effects, such as reverb, delay, or chorus. This can be a fun and creative feature that allows you to experiment with different sounds and textures. It can also be useful if you don’t have a lot of external effects pedals or if you want to keep your setup simple and streamlined.

1. Ortega Guitars, 4-String Acoustic-Electric Banjo

The Ortega guitar has a neck made of Hard Maple that reduces the likelihood of breakage. Hard doesn’t mean rough, at least not with the Ortega guitar. The neck has a satin finishing that offers a smooth feel while playing the banjo. Dot inlays on the fretboard are a certainty. There are 18 frets on the fretboard and four strings on the banjo. The electric banjo comes with a bag. Your transportation worries are reduced.

+ Fitting bag

+ Natural and smooth finishing on the neck

+ Hard Maple neck to increase resistance to breakage

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2. Gold Tone EBM-5 Electric Banjo (Five String, Tobacco Sunburst)

Best electric banjo

You have to appreciate its appearance fast. It looks incredible for a banjo. These electric banjos offer great sound quality even when unplugged due to its hollow sound chamber in the body. The control nobs (for both tone and sound) of this Tobacco Sunburst are easy to reach. As you can tell, the Tobacco Sunburst responds fast to pull-offs, hammer-ons and slides to achieve the exact musical flavor you intended. There are two pickups: One on the neck position (single coil pickup) and a hidden humbucking pickup under the head. Great feedback is guaranteed.

+ Amazing aesthetics

+ Incredible feedback from the dual pickups

+ Great quality sound whether plugged in or not

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3. Vangoa VBJ-4E 5-String Acoustic-Electric Banjo

The Vangoa VBJ-4E can be played, while maintaining the same tone, acoustically and amplified. The volume control of this electric banjo is unmatched. The bridge of this Vangoa sits well on the head to minimize any unwanted sustain and produce clear notes when the player is styling the music with fast finger-picking. The body and the neck is made of premium mahogany. The choice of wood allows the production of full sounds and spectacular tones. For the people who have had poor or tough tuning experience, Vangoa VBJ-4E makes this easy for you.

+ Full sounds production as a result of good choice of wood

+ Produces the same quality tone whether played acoustically or amplified

+ Easy to tune

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4. Dean BW2E Backwoods Electric Banjo

Dean BW2E has more than a fair share of brackets dedicated to its head— 24 of them. This shows the dedication to the sound quality the banjo head will permit. The 24 brackets does not mean the banjo is larger. On the contrary, it is very sleek. It is hard to figure out which times the Dean BW2E was made for. That’s because it was made for both the traditional and the modern times. These electric banjos features a mahogany resonator that amplifies the acoustic volume. The DEAN BW2E has an DMT humbucker pickup that conducts the tones perfectly to the device you have plugged the electric banjo into.

+ Combines both traditional and modern aspects

+ Has a high amplified acoustic volume

+ Clear tones with no to low static transmitted to your amplifier

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5. Gold Tone, 5-String Electric Banjo (EB-5)

This is the brand of banjos that is played by stars like Melissa Etheridge and Mumford & Sons to diversify their sonic palette. This 5-strings electric banjo has a commanding stage presence. The assurance offered by this electric banjo is partially in its tuning stability. Why? The Gold tone does not need any tuning hardware for its Remo 8″ banjo head since it is pre-tuned. The feedback problems are eliminated by the stacked humbucking pick-ups.

+ Pre-tuned Remo banjo head that needs no tuning

+ Pick-ups eliminate any feedback problems

+ Tailpiece accommodates both ball-end and loop-end strings

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What is an electric banjo?

An electric banjo is a banjo that has a pickup and can be amplified using an external amplifier or PA system. This allows the player to increase the volume and change the tone of the instrument.

How does an electric banjo differ from an acoustic banjo?

An electric banjo differs from an acoustic banjo in that it has a pickup and can be amplified, whereas an acoustic banjo relies solely on its natural acoustic sound.

What are some common types of electric banjos?

Some common types of electric banjos include solid-body electric banjos, semi-hollow electric banjos, and acoustic-electric banjos. Other types include five-string, six-string, tenor, baritone, and resonator electric banjos.

What should I consider when buying an electric banjo?

When buying an electric banjo, you should consider factors such as the type of banjo, the quality of the construction, the type of pickup system, the playability, and the overall sound and tone.

Can I play an electric banjo acoustically?

Yes, you can play an electric banjo acoustically. However, the sound will be much quieter than an acoustic banjo since the electric banjo is not designed to be played solely acoustically.

What kind of amplifier should I use with my electric banjo?

The type of amplifier you use with your electric banjo will depend on personal preference and the type of music you are playing. A guitar amplifier or a dedicated banjo amplifier can work well with an electric banjo.

Can I use effects pedals with an electric banjo?

Yes, you can use effects pedals with an electric banjo. Effects pedals can be used to alter the sound and tone of the instrument, such as adding distortion, delay, or reverb.

How do I adjust the action (string height) on my electric banjo?

To adjust the action on an electric banjo, you can adjust the bridge height or truss rod to raise or lower the string height. It’s recommended to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a professional technician for guidance.

How do I change the strings on my electric banjo?

To change the strings on an electric banjo, you can remove the old strings and install new ones, starting with the thinnest string and working your way up to the thickest. It’s recommended to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a professional technician for guidance.

How do I maintain and care for my electric banjo?

To maintain and care for your electric banjo, you should clean it regularly with a soft cloth, keep it in a cool and dry place, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or humidity. You should also periodically check the tuning, adjust the action if necessary, and change the strings as needed.

Wrapping Up

Electric banjos are such joy to play. The ability to amplify and share the musical gift with an audience on a platform or a gathering of friends is an unbeaten experience. Buy any of the above and you will be in to exude your aura to those who surround you.