The 5 Best Electric Charcoal Starters of 2021

From fresh burgers on the 4th of July to Memorial day hot dogs, grilling is one of Americas oldest and cherished traditions. Electric charcoal starters are ideal for sidestepping the pesky process of using lighter fluids, as well as avoiding hazardous additives. Read the review below and find the best electric charcoal starter for you.

1. Ivation Premium 500W

best electric charcoal starter Ivation Premium 500W

The Ivation Premium electric charocal starter is designed for seamless grilling. The curved edges make it easy to pick up hot coals and dispose of them without risk, as well as the stainless steal makes cleaning the starter quick and with little hassle. The double ring design allows for hands off grilling making it one of the safest electric starters on the market.

+ Easy to handle

+ Environmentally friendly

+ Long cord length

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2. GasSaf

best electric charcoal starter GasSaf

The short cord and igniter length make the GasSaf electric charcoal starter ideal for accelarating the grilling process or even indoor use. Uses hot air to quickly heat up even the toughest woods in seconds. Contains over 100 volts, and is easy to transport into any outlet.

+ Versatile

+ Eliminates the chemical taste

+ Includes a hook that doubles as a bottle opener.

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3. Char-Broil

best electric charcoal lighter Char-Broil

The Char-Broil’s sleek and intuitive design makes it optimal for any grilling or lighting situation. A welcome addition to any grill enthusiasts collection, with over 120 volts the Char-Broil while small packs a strong punch.

+ 11 ounces

+ No lighter fluid taste

Short cord length

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4. Nutrichef Premium

Nutrichef Premium

This electric charcoal starter has a zig-zag pattern which heats far more surface area of charcoal. This particular starter is ideal for smaller grilling projects.

+ A heat-resistant handle

+ Holder stand base

+ 600 watts

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5. Phoenix Pit

A two pronged electric charcoal starter is essential for small gatherings. With a wide heating element and over 600 watts at your disposal the Phoenix pit easy setup and transport with a sleek stainless steal finish is a must.

+ 650 watts

+ Fits in your hand

+ Fast heat up time

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Wrapping Up

An electronic charcoal starter is safer, more environmentally friendly and versitile than lighter fluid. When used on grills it improves taste, and can shut off in an instant saving you time and energy during cleanup. In minutes, the charcoal starter eliminates needless waste and streamlines the process of lighting fires for any occasion.

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