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The 5 Best Electric Die Grinders of 2023

Such simple yet powerful and versatile rotary tools as electric die grinders are a valuable addition to any tool box. Whether you’re a wood carver, vehicle technician or work on a construction site, it’s guaranteed to improve the quality of your work. If you wonder where to start, look no further – we’ve put together the list of the best electric die grinders on the market right now.

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Tips for Using a Die Grinder

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using your new die grinder:

  • Die grinders are complex tools that should be handled with care. They require adherence to safety standards as needle sharp chips are unavoidable when using a die grinder correctly. Remember to wear your PPE to avoid harming your face. 
  • You should also provide proper maintenance to the tool so that it remains operational for the maximum length of time. Before beginning to work on your project always check your die grinder to make sure there are no unusual changes (cracks or loose bolts).
  • If your die grinder is cordless, the quality of the batteries shouldn’t be overlooked as it guarantees extended continuous use of the tool.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Die Grinder

Before you buy a new die grinder, you should consider a few things to make sure you get the right one for your project.


First of all you should decide what sort of tasks you will be using your die grinder for. That will determine the features your new tool should have. One of the key factors to consider is the diameter of the disc. The larger the disc the deeper the machine cuts and the more powerful it is. Smaller die grinders can be easily used for less intricate tasks. 


Another factor to consider is speed. You can choose from single speed and variable speed die grinders. Variable speed die grinders are more expensive but they are much more suitable for delicate work that cannot be efficiently completed without different speed levels. 

Power Source

If mobility matters to you, you should remember to look at the power source of a die grinder. They can have a cord which may restrict your movement. For complete freedom of movement choose a cordless, battery-powered die grinder. However, depending on a power source, the performance of die grinders may differ.

The 5 Best Electric Die Grinders

1. Dewalt DCG426B

Dewalt DCG426B Die Grinder

The Dewalt DCG426B is, simply put, the best electric die grinder for the money. Evidently, the quality to price ratio tops all the other models. The brushless motor was built for efficient performance and runtime of the die grinder. The product features a variable speed trigger and LED lights that can be used to illuminate dark work areas. Multiple handle grasping options with dual-position rocker switch assure comfort and eliminate ergonomic hazards. 

+ Optimal controls

+ 20-volt battery power

+ LED lights

A bit heavy

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2. Makita GD0601

Best Die Grinder

This simply designed tool is powerful, yet easy to use for any craftsman or mechanic. Its highlight is a 3.5 AMP motor which delivers 25,000 RPM to handle the most challenging applications. In spite of having only one speed type, it’s fast enough to handle a variety of use cases. To guarantee your safety and comfort, directional air-flow vents channel the tool’s air output away from your face. 

It’s worth noting that this Makita model is not battery powered and requires a power socket to work. Worry not, it can work on both AC as well as DC electric current using its inbuilt AC/DC switch.

+ Compact design

+ AC/DC current switch

+ Build quality

Has a power cord

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3. Metabo GE 710 Plus

Metabo GE 710 Plus

The Metabo grinding device is an outstanding product manufactured in Germany by world class engineers focusing on quality at every stage of the production. It features variable speed as well as manual, hybrid and fully automated assembly systems. Its high-quality materials not only improve functioning but also guarantee durability for years.

Powerful and versatile Metabo GE 710 Plus die grinder is perfect for the carving and polishing of wood, opal, metal and other materials, even if your project is quite detailed.

+ Build quality

+ Durability

+ High torque

+ Compact

Quite loud

Intense vibration

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4. Milwaukee 2485-20 M12

Milwaukee 2485-20 M12

This compact yet powerful die grinder can be quickly added to your list of the most valued tools if you’re looking for versatility, durability and ergonomic design. It’s the first cordless right angle die grinder that performs up to the standard of professional service mechanics. It offers up to 0.3 HP performance, which makes it 20% more powerful than regular air die grinders. The Milwaukee 2485-20 M12 model can be used for a variety of applications: grinding,  porting, polishing, deburring, and weld breaking. 

This fine model is powered by batteries which offer users greater mobility and access to tighter areas. With the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor Technology, it will power through difficult tasks. 

The manufacturer has also worked on ensuring the users maintain maximum control in most delicate applications. The tool features a 4-Mode RPM control and responsive variable speed trigger.

+ Ergonomic design

+ Cordless

+ Battery-operated

Short battery life


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5. AirCat Die Grinder

Aircat dies grinder

This lightweight die grinder won’t disappoint those craftsmen who are looking for the combination of quality and performance in lighter jobs. Also, it’s rather inexpensive but that doesn’t prevent it from being versatile and boasting valuable features. The well-thought design of AirCat cordless die grinder guarantees ultimate comfort so that you don’t put your project away too early.

Whether you decide to buy it for home use or for your auto shop, its 15,000 RPM motor will tackle such jobs as smoothing and deburring in confined areas. 42 pieces of easily swappable heads and accessories will satisfy individual needs of any do-it-yourselfer, electrician or remodeler.

+ Cordless

+ Budget friendly

+ Compact


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Wrapping Up

Due to its versatility and power an electric die grinder is a must have for any craftsman, auto shop, metalworking shop or construction site. It’s capable of optimising your time as you will be able to work faster and cover more surfaces within a shorter time frame. Investing in the best electric die grinder will enhance the quality of any project you take on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric die grinder used for?

Electric die grinders are used for carving, polishing and grinding various materials (wood, metal, plastic, stone, etc.), also for removing rust or car paint and sharpening blades. 

Can you cut metal with a die grinder?

A die grinder is a power tool that can cut metal, aluminum and other materials. 

Can you use a cutting wheel on a die grinder?

If the tool doesn’t feature a guard, it shouldn’t be used with a cut-off wheel. It’s not safe to use a cutting wheel on a die grinder as it has no flanges.