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The 5 Best Electric Erasers of 2022

Great for graphic designers, architects, engineers, and illustrators, electric erasers take all your hand out of your work. They can be used in both pencil and charcoal sketches and are extremely useful for people with medical problems such as arthritis or disabilities that make it impossible to use conventional erasers. We have selected the best based on price and results. Let’s jump right in and find out what the best electric eraser is.

Best Electric Erasers Comparison

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1. Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit

Ohuhu electric eraser is great for any type of work-to-be-erased. Who knew that rubbing off pencil marks could be so much fun? This eraser comes with 20 refills so you won’t have to worry about running out for a while. It is great for painting, drafting, drawing, and even architectural plans because it has such precise control. 

With the push of a button, you can easily target areas with this eraser due to the circular movement and strong motor. It is easy to replace the erasers when needed. This eraser requires AAA batteries to work but it does not come with them.

+ Compact and lightweight

+ Cordless

+ Long-lasting (20 eraser refills are included)

Batteries not included

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2. Afmat Electric Eraser Kit

This Afat mat eraser kit includes 1 brush, 100 small refills, 40 big refills, 1 USB cable, and a 3 pack of spare rubber holders. It has a comfortable grip with its ergonomic design and it works at the push of a button with the lightest of pressure. 

This eraser is rechargeable and can be used up to 600 times on one single, complete charge making it much more environmentally friendly than other options. One of the eraser holders is meant for small details such as hair while the other is meant for creating thick highlights, giving you so much creative control.

+ Rechargeable

+ Kit with 2 eraser sizes

+ Comfortable ergonomic design

Activation button is sensitive

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3. Helix Automatic Eraser

The Helix Automatic can totally erase any of your pencil and charcoal marks. It can be used in the deft hands of the artist to soften and merge shapes, making it the ideal tool for shading and feathering your artwork.

This eraser is battery operated by 2 AA batteries which are not included. The tip of the eraser is meant for detailed work, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally erasing something you didn’t mean to. It is easy to hold and operate with it’s curved shape.

+ Easy refills

+ Small

+ Very precise

Needs more pressure to be applied

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4. Amazon Basics Electric Eraser Kit

The Amazon Basics eraser is cheap and it comes with 40 refills. With that you can erase all your life. This eraser is lightweight at only 0.05 pounds. It is compact and cordless so nothing will get in your way when you’re working. It is battery-powered and requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included. 

The eraser refills are around 5mm, making them great for highlighting. With so many refills at such a great cost, this eraser is worth checking out.

+ Super long lasting (comes with 40 refills)

+ Budget friendly

+ Good erasing capability

Non-ergonomic shape

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5. Sakura SumoGrip Electric Eraser

The Sakura SumoGrip is a cordless device that can conveniently slip into one’s pocket. It has a contoured handle, providing a strong and secure grip. This eraser has a long lasting motor which produces over 10,000 RPM so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted pencil marks being left behind. It is battery powered and requires 2 AAA batteries which are included. 

This eraser has an ergonomic grip which is great for long periods of use to ensure comfort and ease. It is also cordless, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up while you’re working. It weighs 4.2 ounces, making it portable and easy to hold and use.

+ Two eraser holders

+ Batteries are included

+ Super precise

More expensive

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What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Eraser

Before diving into buying an electric eraser, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. 


You will need to decide if you want a rechargeable electric eraser or a battery-powered one. You may even want to opt for a corded model to avoid replacing batteries or worrying about run time. However, with this option, your cord may get in your way when working. 

Tip Size

For incredibly detailed work, you’ll want to look for a 2.3mm eraser and for larger highlights, you may want to look for a 5mm eraser. If you plan to use your eraser for both, consider getting a pack that comes with both sizes. 

Eraser Size

You can expect most erasers to weigh between 2-4 ounces. The lighter the eraser, the easier to control. However, heavier erasers tend to have more stability.

Tips For Using an Electric Eraser

Here are a couple of tips for using your electric eraser that will make sure your work stays pristine.

  • You don’t need a lot of pressure. The motor should be doing most of the work for you and you don’t want to rip or wrinkle your work. 
  • Consider using an eraser shield at first. These will ensure you don’t erase any more than you want to while you get comfortable with your electric eraser.
  • Keep your tips sharpened especially for detailed work so you can stay precise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are electric erasers used for?

Electric erasers can be used on more works than traditional erasers, removing graphite, charcoal, and colored pencils as well as regular pencil marks.

How do you replace the rubber in an electric eraser?

If you’re eraser has gotten so small that you can’t pull it out, use a pen tip or pin to pull it out.

Why are white erasers better?

White erasers are less abrasive than traditional pink ones, meaning they don’t tear or wrinkle the paper as often and removed marks smoothly.

Wrapping Up

Give you hand a break from tiresome work and get an electric eraser instead. Just like an electric stapler, an electric eraser might prevent you from damaging your wrist. And it’s so fun to use. If you are erasing a lot, you will reap the benefits soon enough.