The 5 Best Electric Erasers of 2021

Great for graphic designers, architects, engineers, and illustrators, electric erasers take all your hand out of your work. They can be used in both pencil and charcoal sketches and are extremely useful for people with medical problems, such as arthritis, or disabilities that make it impossible to use conventional erasers. We have selected the best based on price and results. Let’s jump right in and find out what the best electric eraser is.

1. Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit

Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit best electric eraser

Ohuhu electric eraser is great for any type of work-to-be-erased. Who knew that rubbing off pencil marks could be so much fun?

+ Compact and lightweight

+ Cordless

+ Long-lasting (20 eraser refills are included)

Batteries not included

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2. Afmat Electric Eraser Kit

Afmat Electric Eraser Kit best electric eraser

“Absolutely fantastic”, that’s what one reviewer wrote. This eraser is in deed absolutely fantastic, especially for artists.

+ Rechargeable

+ Kit with 2 eraser sizes

+ Comfortable ergonomic design

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3. Helix Automatic

Helix Automatic best electric eraser

The Helix Automatic can totally erase any of the pencil and charcoal marks. It can be used in the deft hands of the artist to soften and merge shapes, making it the ideal tool for shading and feathering your artwork.

+ Easy refills

+ Small

+ Very precise

Needs more pressure to be applied

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4. Amazon Basics Electric Eraser Kit

Amazon Basics Electric Eraser Kit

The Amazon Basics eraser is cheap and it comes with 40 refills. With that you can erase all your life.

+ Super long lasting (comes with 40 refills)

+ Budget friendly

+ Good erasing capability

Non-ergonomic shape

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5. Sakura SumoGrip

Sakura SumoGrip

The Sakura SumoGrip is a cordless device that can conveniently slip into one’s pocket. It has a contoured handle, providing a strong and secure grip.

+ Two eraser holders

+ Batteries are included

+ Super precise

More expensive

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Wrapping Up

Give you hand a break from tiresome work and get an electric eraser instead. Just like an electric stapler, an electric eraser might prevent you from damaging your wrist. And it’s so fun to use. If you are erasing a lot, you will reap the benefits soon enough.

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