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The 5 Best Electric Fireplace Logs of 2022

A fireplace is a beautiful, desirable addition to any living space, with its cozy ambiance, pretty dancing flames and heat. However, fireplaces are expensive, and come with maintenance issues, with problems such as smoke and ash inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires to worry about. An electric fireplace is not only safer, it is also much cheaper and easier to use. Below are five best electric fireplace logs!

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand
Best Electric Fireplace

1. Sunday Living

Best Electric Fireplace Logs

The brightness of this flame will constantly circle from high to low, and there are five flame brightness settings to make this easily adjustable to your preference. With an infrared remote control that has an 8 hour timer, there’s no inconvenience of having to remember to turn it off.

+ Flame effect with or without heat option

+ Adjustable brightness

+ Remote controlled timer

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2. Pleasant Hearth 20”

Best Electric Fireplace Logs of 2021

With real wood American birch logs, glowing ember light and realistic crackling sounds, this product is the perfect simulation! Plus, it is simple to install, and can heat up a room.

+ Real wood

+ Easy to install

+ Realistic crackling sound

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3. Dimplex Deluxe 23″

Dimplex Deluxe 23"

Designed with LED inner glow and ember technology that creates a realistic fireplace experience, and a safe no flame emission feature, this electric fireplace log is certainly an upgrade!

+ Environmental friendly

+ Flames with or without the heat option

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4. Dimplex Revillusion 20”

Dimplex Revillusion 20”

With more realistic looking logs than most log sets, this is perfect for that traditional ambiance feel, and it is designed with a non reflective partially frosted acrylic panel to make the flames appear bigger and brighter!

+ Easy installation

+ Realistic aesthetic

+ Adjustable flicker effect

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5. Comfort Glow

best electric fireplace logs

This log set has led technology for that beautiful dancing yellow flame effect. It also produces enough heat for a medium-sized room, but there is the option to turn the heat off while maintaining the beautiful flame effect!

+ Easy remote control use

+ Remote controlled heat

+ LED technology

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Wrapping Up

These five best electric fireplace logs are a cheaper, easier alternative to traditionally logs, but with the cozy ambiance and lovely flames!

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