The 5 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands of 2021

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Having a warm environment to enjoy your favorite show or movie is the best feeling. This is especially during the winter and fall time. An electric fireplace television stand would come in handy for this task. While it also holds other great aspects for an electric fireplace television stand. With this in mind we found five of the best electric fireplace television stands just for you.

1. Ameriwood Home Lumina

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The Ameriwood Home Lumina is an electric fireplace tv stand is very durable. This tv stand can hold up to a 70″ tv as it has other unique features. This includes a tempered glass to give a beautiful look to the fireplace.

+ Shelves illuminate in 7 different colors

+ 6 different shelves

+ Holds 120 Ibs

+ Easy to clean and care

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2. SEI Furniture Gallatin

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The SEI Furniture Gallatin is a high class styled electric fireplace tv stand. This tv stand is made out of wood material with a hint of black. While this tv stand gives off a more modern look, with a lot of storage room on the sides.

+ Four adjustable shelves

+ 400 square feet for heating

+ Remote control

+ Standard wall outlet

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3. Walker Edison Alcott

Walker Edison Alcott

The Walker Edison Alcott is an electric fireplace tv stand that is preferred for any sized televisions. While the heating and display is excellent on the Walker Edison Alcott. However, it is also a little space wise as it deals with storage within the shelves.

+ 4 adjustable shelves

+ Fireplace display and heat

+ Supports up to 55″ TV’s

+ Plug in fireplace

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4. Tangkula Fireplace

Tangkula Fireplace

The Tangkula Fireplace is a upgraded electric fireplace tv stand that comes with a variety of different features. While every electric fireplace has the same things, but this one has a little bit more than the average.

+ 1400W fireplace

+ 3 brightness levels

+ Spacious top & room for storage

+ Durable materials

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5. Lokatse Home Fireplace

Lokatse Home Fireplace best electric fireplace tv stand

The Lokatse Home Fireplace is a more basic electric fireplace tv stand with its Walnut color. While this tv stand allows for the perfect tempature with a lot of storage space as well for your belongings.

+ Easy to assembly

+ Glass cabinets

+ Multiple storage

+ Allows room to stay warm

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Wrapping Up

We found the five best electric fireplace television stands listed above upon your likeness. If you are interested in purchasing an electric fireplace television stand, you should check out the brands listed above.

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