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The 5 Best Electric Fireplaces of 2022

This year brings a lot of freedom in choosing your next electric fireplace, delivered right at your doorstep. It makes a lot of people nervous while considering all the aggravation involved in lightning up a manual fireplace. If you are an action–packed person working tirelessly in a fast–paced environment under a challenging administration that is asking everyone to perform multitasking within a matter of seconds then you really deserve to have a fully automated fireplace as a part of your home appliances in order to get the comfort tied with luxury.

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1. Turbo Suburbs TS17

best electric fireplace

The Turbo Suburbs TS17 Compact has a reputation of keeping the environment without the chaos of lightning up a real fire. It is a free – standing, ventilation free equipment that comes with overheating safety protection. It is an ideal appliance for trivial spaces and comes in the precise elevation of 18 inches.

+ A cozy fireplace

+ Easy to use flame control

+ A guaranteed safe to touch

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2. Duraflame 3D Infrared

Duraflame 3D Infrared best electric fireplace

The Dura flame 3D infrared is best known for its portability and an extra tad of extravagance that comes with liberty of ease through a remote control. 3D flame effect technology gives you the sensitivity of a real fire allowing realistic flames to dance on and behind the logs. Overheat protection mode will instantly shut off the heater to avoid any damage to the apparatus.

+ Overheating protection

+ Heat with humidity

+ An adjustable digital thermostat

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3. R. W. Flame


The R. W. Flame 30 inch recessed and wall mounted electric fireplace is equipped with such facilities like low noise, remote controlled and a touch screen making it ideal for families with toddlers. It is an attraction to the eyes with a practical design to keep infants away from the fatalities.

+ Wall mounted

+ Remote controlled

+ Super-heating control

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4. Turbo Suburbs TS23

TURBRO Suburbs TS23

Turbo Suburbs TS23 is a freestanding electric fireplace heater that comes with CSA certification, overheating safety protection, a fully remote controlled equipment with a realistic adjustable flame making it suitable for the families and businesses equally.

+ A toasty fireplace

+ Adjustable flames

+ Customizable timer

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5. Tangkula 30 Inches Recessed

Tangkula best electric fireplace

The Tangkula 30 inches recessed is an in-wall or wall mounted electric fireplace with adjustable flame color and speed. It is remote controlled device with a touch screen and a ventilation free design.

+ 2 heat settings

+ Multi-operating modes

+ Safe to use

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Wrapping Up

If you are in a need of cozy, innovatively designed and easy to use electric fireplace for your homes, you better search them and get them.

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