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The 5 Best Electric Fly Swatters of 2022

The spring and summer time is right around the corner! Which means a lot of flying bugs and even more swatting. It is such a bummer to continuously swat the bugs away. It is annoying as well to constantly swat them with a regular fly swat. This is why we found the five best electric fly swatters for you.

Best Electric Fly Swatters Comparison

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1. Zap It! Electric Fly Swatter

Best Electric Fly Swatters

The Zap It is an electric fly swatter that works in the light and in the dark. This device comes with a safety button to allow from injury. The Zap It is also lightweight and the cleanup from each use is simple and easy.

This fly swatter has a 4,000 volt grid making it great for instantly killing insects in one zap. It can be used indoors or outdoors and has a built-in LED light. You can get up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge and it can be charged using the USB cable that the device comes with. It also has an activation button as well as a glowing light indicator that helps prevent accidental zapping.

+ USB Charging

+ Safety First

+ Target species (Fly & Mosquito)

+ Super-Bright LED light to Zap

Holes may be spaced too far apart for smaller insects

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2. The Executioner Fly Killer Mosquito Swatter Racket

Best Electric Fly Swatters

This electric fly swatter is great at taking down all flying pests. It is extra durable and esy to uThe design of this swatter matches a real tennis racket which makes it very easy to aim and use. It has an LED activation indicator on the side of the hold but it is not very bright. 

As an added bonus, this swatter is made of environmentally friendly durable plastic. This plastic can survive medium-heaviness hits as well as frequent transportation making it a great option for camping trips and family travels. There are no safety layers. Although this makes it great for killing insects, it does make it more likely that you could shock yourself.

+ Flexible screen frame

+ Passed EU and US safety standards

+ Large shocking screen

+ Simple to use

No safety coating

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3. Imirror Bug Zapper

Best Electric Fly Swatters

The Imirror Bug Zapper is an electric fly swatter that is for Mosquitoes as well. This zapper is literally a standing electric fly swatter. Once a bug hits the zapper it is dead upon impact. The Bug Zapper is a great device to allow you to get your home back fromI unwanted guest.

This swatter is hands-free. It has a built-in light trap making it great to combat mosquitos. This light releases a 395mm mosquito habit wavelength to draw them in. This swatter has a stainless steel mesh and inner layer or aluminum mesh which is designed to keep from leaking electricity. It is also resistant to deformation.

+ Kills bugs upon impact

+ Built in Mosquito zapper lamp

+ Easy to clean zapper racket

+ Safe to touch


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4. Ostad Bug Zapper

Best Electric Fly Swatters

The Ostod Bug Zapper is a typical electric fly swatter as for style. In fact, this device is an extremely powerful device. This electric fly swatter comes with a safety switch to prevent from any injuries. Which is important due to the high volts in the swatter.

This fly swatter requires AA batteries and comes with some to power it up as soon as you get it. It is powerful at 4,000 volts and will kill insects on the first swat. There is safety mesh on this swatter to keep from accidentally zapping yourself or others. The safety button ensures the net is only electrified when you’re ready to use it.

+ Battery powered

+ Heavy duty

+ Not messy at all (Sticky, messy, and etc.)

+ Powerful (4,000 Volts)

Not great for smaller insects

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5. Faicuk 2 Pack Bug Zapper Racket Electric Fly Swatter

Best Electric Fly Swatters

This electric fly swatter is another one from Zap It! This fly swatter runs on 2 AA batteries and has a 24-hour stand by in the event that you leave the switch on. This swatter has a 3000 volt output which aids in killing insects. It is great to use at home, outdoors, and during events such as camping, barbecuing, and beaching. 

This fly swatter does not have an LED light to attract insects the way other models do. It does, however, have additional security features. It has a special trigger power button that activates the grid as well as a  protective mesh on both sides of the racket. These features ensure that you don’t get accidentally shocked.

+ Security mesh

+ Extra safety power trigger

+ One year warranty

+ Durable ABS plastic

No rechargeable batteries

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What To Think About Before Buying an Electric Fly Swatter

Before purchasing an electric fly swatter, here are a few things to keep in mind.


One of the first things you want to look at is the voltage. You want to make sure that your fly swatter has enough power to actually kill the bug and not just harm it. No only do you not want to be cruel, but you also don’t want to have to keep fighting the same flies over and over again


You want to ensure that your fly swatter will do its job for as long as it can. Make sure you don’t buy a swatter that will drain the batteries in minutes. Zapping is an effective way to get rid of flies, but you want to make sure it will not continue to run after the job is done. 


You will be able to find 2 types of electric fly swatters. The first has exposed wires and electrified mesh. These are more dangerous but are also very effective. The second type of electric fly swatter has nylon mesh which will cover the electrified layer. While this will keep you from getting zapped, it may not shock the bugs on the first hit.

Tips For Using an Electric Fly Swatter

To ensure you get the most, proper use out of your electric fly swatter, here are a few tips. 

  • Ensure that there are no flammable objects nearby 
  • Ensure there are no liquids or gasses that may ignite nar the mesh
  • Do not hit plants or paper with your electric fly swatter

Wrapping Up

We hope that you found these top five electric fly swatters helpful. If you are considering buying an electric fly swatter, consider any of the ones above. As we searched hard to bring the best electric devices to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric fly swatters worth it?

For their efficient, electric fly swatters are with it. Stationary fly swatters are not as effective in comparison.

How many volts are in an electric fly swatter?

Typically, there are between 500 and 2,750 volts in an electric fly swatter.

Do electric fly swatters us AC or DC?

Usually, 3 volts DC is converted into an AC form.