The 5 Best Electric Furnaces of 2021

There has been an increasing demand for electric furnaces in the market and here we have the 5 best electric furnaces you can get in 2021.

1. Miller E6EB Series

Best Electric Furnace

This 15KW furnace from Miller is one of your best options when it comes to electric furnaces.

+ Easy installation instructions

+ A 15KW furnace

+ Sleek finish and design

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2. Goodman 10 KW (34,120 BTU’s)

Goodman 10 KW (34,120 BTU's) best electric furnace

This electric furnace from Goodman comes with a multi-position air handler with a 10KW kit for heating.

+ Chromium/nickel heating elements

+ Easy to install

+ Non-corrosive heating parts

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3. Suburban 2444A NT-SQ RV

Suburban 2444A NT-SQ RV

The Suburban 2444A NT-SQ RV is one of the favorites of a lot of homeowners and with its compact build and excellent heat delivery it is on our list.

+ Compact and lightweight furnace

+ 16000 BTU rating

+ Works great in small spaces

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4. Garrison 20KW

Garrison 20KW best electric furnace

This 20KW furnace by Garrison is a great buy and comes with a 10 year parts warranty.

+ Rust-proof

+ Easy installation as it comes assembled

+ ETL listed safety standards

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5. World Marketing of America Comfort Glow Quartz 

World Marketing of America Comfort Glow Quartz best electric furnace

This stylish wall mounted electric furnace is a great option if you are looking for something for a smaller space as it covers an area of 1000sq.

+ Stylish and sleek design

+ High-quality remote control

+ Adjustability

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Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a great electric furnace these top 5 are your best options. If you are still in doubt then we would recommend the Miller E6EB Series.  

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