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The 5 Best Electric Hand Planers of 2022

Hand planers are vital for smoothing rough wooden surfaces and crafting high-quality furniture. Their electric counterparts create a more accessible and streamlined experience for users, yielding higher quality results. We have created a list of the top five best electric hand planers of 2022 to help you find the best product for your specific needs.

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1. Porter-Cable Electric Hand Planer

Best Electric Hand Planer

Porter-Cable’s hand planer is equipped with a heavy-duty 6-amp motor that creates smooth cuts in hard materials. In addition, its dual-sided dust chute helps extract shavings on either side of the planer. This electric hand planer also has an 11.5 inch cast aluminum shoe to provide extra support and create a higher quality finish.

+ Simple and solid tool

+ Easy to use

+ Comes with 10 steps over-mold depth knob

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2. Wen 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

 Wen 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

This electric hand planer’s 6amp motor can create 34,000 cuts per minute. The Wen 6530’s best feature is that it has up to 16 levels of cutting depth adjustments that range between 0 to 1/8 inches. This product includes a bag that can attach on either side of its dual-sided dust chute. The kickstand attachment prevents potential contact between the blade and your workpiece.

+ Includes rabbeting guide and parallel fence bracket

+ 6-foot power cord cable

+ Covered under 2-years of warranty

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3. Bosch 3-1/4 Inch Woodworking Hand Planer

 Bosch 3-1/4 Inch Woodworking Hand Planer

Bosch’s woodworking hand planer is a high-performance planer with a lock-off button to avoid accidental starts in addition to a lock-on button that keeps the planer on for an extended period of time. It comes with a carrying case and shavings bag.

+ Spring-loaded stand elevates tool protects blade and tool resting spot

+ Machined groove for chamfering

+ Poly micro-V drive belt provides enhanced belt durability

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4. Skil 6.5 AMP PL2012-00 Hand Planer

Skil 6.5 AMP PL2012

The Skil electric planer is sturdy and has a good amount of weight which means not much manual pressure is required from the user. This planer also comes with a dust bag, rebate fence, and a spanner.

+ Good quality

+ Easy to handle

+ Heavy

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5. Jellas 7.5Amp EP01

Jellas 7.5Amp EP01

Jellas’ EP01 hand planer has an eye-catching look and good ergonomics. The planer has an auxiliary push handle that allows you to change the depth when applying pressure. This feature, however, also poses a safety risk if the user were to apply pressure at the wrong time or accidentally. A bonus of the Jellas planer is that it allows users to attach a vacuum cleaner
to the dust ejector.

+ Includes 2 reversible HSS blades

+ Includes 2 carbon brushes

+ Has a good grip

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What to Consider when Buying an Electric Hand Planer

Locking Mechanisms

When working with hand planers, you want to avoid hand fatigue and ensure that you are not causing too much strain to your body, especially during extensive projects. Look to models that do not require you to constantly hold down the trigger and instead allow you to lock it in place as you work.

Kind of Cut

No matter the project, your cut’s depth and width are significant factors to consider. Keep in mind how much you are planning to cut and what sizes these cuts need to be, as not all planers include the same options.

Cord vs. Cordless

While cords have no direct effect on your work, they can influence the process. Consider how much movement your project requires and how easily accessible outlets are in your space. Tripping over wires or being unable to reach your workbench are incidents you must consider when deciding what to buy.


Safety is the number one concern when using machinery that even trumps quality. If a piece of equipment does not meet your standards or lacks safety measures, it is probably not the best tool
for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a kickstand when using electric hand planers?

A kickstand prevents your blades from becoming damaged or dulled. They
keep your blades from potentially running into other areas of your
workspace, such as the tabletop or ground.

What type of blade is best for my project?

When looking for an electric hand planer, you will see two different types
of blades, carbide and high-speed steel. The benefits of carbide blades
include a higher cutting speed and more durability; however, they also
tend to be more expensive. High-speed steel blades, or HHS, are not as
strong or fast but come at a lower cost and work well for small, deep cuts.

Wrapping Up

A hand planer is a helpful yet dangerous tool. While electric hand planers create a user-friendly experience, you must always take precautions to ensure your safety. Make sure you always wear proper safety equipment and proceed with caution when the planer is in use. Keep safety and
personal preference in mind when choosing the perfect electric hand planer for you!