The 5 Best Electric Hand Planers of 2021

Electric hand planers are vital to plane or smooth rough wooden surfaces. Also, it makes out an excellent piece of furniture. Electric one, in addition, makes it an extra clean procedure and offers higher results. So, to make your work more efficient and time-saving, we have created a list for you to find the best electric hand planer to do the job.

1. Porter-Cable Electric Hand Planer

Porter-Cable’s hand planer is equipped with a heavy-duty 6-amp motor that provides smooth cuttings in hard materials. Further, its dual-side dust chute helps extract shavings on either side. It also has an 11.5inch cast aluminum shoe to provide extra support and better finish quality.

+ Simple and solid tool

+ Easy to use

+ Comes with 10 steps over-mold depth knob

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2. Wen 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

This electric hand planer’s 6amp motor provides up to 34,000 cuts per minute. Its best feature is the 16 levels of cutting depth adjustments between 0 to 1/8 inches. Secondly, it comes with a bag that can be attached on either side of its dual-side dust chute. And its kickstand attached below prevents any accidental contact of the blade to your work-piece.

+ Includes rabbeting Guide and parallel fence bracket

+ 6-foot power cord cable

+ Covered under 2-years of warranty

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3. Bosch 3-1/4 Inch Woodworking Hand Planer

Bosch woodworking hand planer comes with a carrying case. It’s a high-performance planer with a lock-off button to avoid accidental starts. Similarly, a lock-on button to keep it on for an extended duration of time. It additionally comes with a bag just like the Wen Hand Planer and has a comparable mechanism of dual ejection.

+ Spring-loaded stand elevates tool protects blade and tool resting spot

+ Machined groove for chamfering

+ Poly micro-V drive belt provides enhanced belt durability

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4. Skil 6.5 AMP PL2012-00

This electric planer is sturdy and has a powerful look. It has a good amount of weight so you need not put much manual pressure. It also comes with ‎a dust bag, rebate fence and a spanner which will be a handful to replace blades.

+ Good quality

+ Easy to handle

+ Heavy

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5. Jellas 7.5Amp EP01

Jellas EP01 hand planer has an eye-catching look and also good ergonomics. It also has an auxiliary push handle, unlike other hand planers where you can mistakenly change the depth while putting pressure. Moreover, you can attach a vacuum cleaner to the dust ejector.

+ Includes 2 reversible HSS blades

+ Includes 2 carbon brushes

+ Has a good grip

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Wrapping Up

A hand planer is helpful as well as a dangerous tool to work with, make sure you are geared with the proper safety equipment and use it with caution. Hope you were able to find the best hand planer for you.

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