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The 5 Best Electric Heaters for RV’s of 2022

Camping season is slowly approaching! This means a lot of shopping for camping essentials, rather this for tents, hammocks, or sleeping bags. But it is different shopping for camping essential when you have a RV. The top essential thing that a RV needs is an electric heater. With this in mind, we found the five best electric heater’s for RV’s of 2022 just for you.

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1. Portable Electric Space Heater

Best Electric Heaters For RV's

The Portable Electric Space Heater is an electric space heater that can warm up any area. The size might throw you off in deciding to purchase it or not. However, the size does not stop this electric heater from warming up any space. This electric heater is powerful and compact with dimensions of 7.9 inch x 6.2 inch x 10.2 inch and weighing only 2.9 pounds. It is very easy to carry and move around to wherever you need it. It will also automatically shut off if kicked over. 

This electric heater has a 2 in 1 fan that will provide either 1500W or 750W in heat levels as well as a cool air fan. This device can be used in the summer and winter. It has thermostat control which will turn the heater off after it has reached the set temperature and will kick back on when the temperature starts dropping. You can adjust the thermostat to whatever makes you most comfortable between ) degree and 158 degrees.

+ 2 in 1 heater fan

+ Compact and powerful

+ Fast heating

+ Multi-protection safety system

Blows cool air from one side when on 750W heat setting

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2. Amazon Basics Oscillating Ceramic Heater

Best Electric Heaters For RV's

The Amazon Basics electric heater has an adjustable thermostat so you can keep your heat at whatever will keep you comfortable. For even heat distribution, it has an oscillating option that will rotate in multiple directions. It also has an auto-shut off in the event that the device accidentally gets tipped over.

This electric heater has 3 output options which include Fan Only, High, and Low. The high setting uses 1500W for maximum heat. To always know when you’re using your electric heater, there is a power indicator light. This heater even has a carrying handle to make transporting it even easier.

+ 3 output options

+ Tip-over switch

+ Carry handle

Face of the heater is very hot

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3. Pelonis Heater

Best Electric Heaters For RV's

The Pelonis Heater is one of the best electric heaters that is portable but tall. This electric heater can quickly heat up to 70 degrees fahrenheit. However, it also can rotate side to side within 83 degrees. This electric heater can quickly and evenly warm an entire room by rotating. It will also keep a consistent temperature. 

With cool touch ABS flame resistant material, this electric heater is also safe to use. You simply need to plug it in for it to start working. It has a maximum power of 1500W allowing it to heat up to 70 degrees in only 3 seconds. It has ceramic heating technology that is reliable and will provide you with comfortable heat.

+ Safe to use

+ Portable

+ Adjustable thermostat

+Widespread oscillation

Cord is 6 feet long

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4. Osillating Heater

Best Electric Heaters For RV's

The Osillating Heater is one of the many smaller fans. As this electric heater allows to produce heat with 70 degree oscillation. While the fan rotates to make certain to reach every inch of the room. The oscillation allows for even heat distribution quickly and safely. The Eco mode will adjust the heat output to help lower costs and it is very lightweight making it easy to put it wherever you need or want it. 

This electric heater is durable and safe. It has positive coefficient heating technology. It does not use traditional resistance wire and instead uses ceramic chips to allow for safer heating while also making the device less likely to overheat. It is ETL Certified and has an overheat protection sensor. It also has an automatic fail-safe that will cut the power to the device in the event that it is accidentally knocked over.

+ Portable

+ Rotating fan

+ Lower energy cost

+ Safe and durable

Contains lead and phthalates

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5. Portable Electric Space Heater

Best Electric heaters For RV's

The Portable Electric Space Heater is the ideal space heater for a RV. The size of the space heater makes the purchase much better. We are almost certain that you would prefer a smaller electric heater. If so this is the best one for you!

This electric space heater has dual heating systems and a 12 hour automatic shut off timer so you can use it safely and without worry. You can easily heat up a large room with this heater making it great for an RV. It has a high pressure and low noise blower so that you can heat up quietly and the thermostat range can be changed between 50 degrees and 85 degrees.

+ 3 Mode portable heater

+ Timer and temperature reader

+ Quick and quiet heating

+ Safety assurance

Not made with as high quality materials compared to other models

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What To Consider Before Buying an Electric Heater For an RV

Before purchasing an electric heater for your RV here are a couple of things you should keep in mind. 


You’ll want to look for an electric heater that is convenient to use and has features such as thermostats and temperature settings. These will not only keep you comfortable but make it easier to use. You also want to make sure it is easily portable. Whether that means finding one that is lightweight or one with a carry handle is up to you. 


The heating capacity should be one of the first things you look at when considering a heater. The higher watts and BTU you see for a higher means it will have a better heat capacity. Typically you want at least 1500W and 5000 BTU for the best heating capacities especially in large vehicles.


Electric heaters can be energy suckers if you don’t buy a good one. More powerful heaters are going to require more energy and you can end up paying a pretty hefty bill. Make sure you evaluate your budget and decide if that ultra-powerful heater is really the best option for your RV. 


If you’re preparing to spend some hard earned cash on an electric heater, you’re going to want to make sure you can find a durable one. Finding an electric heater that is made out of high quality materials and is tested for durability is something you don’t want to forget to do. It wouldn’t hurt to look at some reviews either. A warranty is also always an added bonus. 


Finally, you want to make sure that you can stay safe while using your electric heater. Look for auto-shut off features, overheating protection, fire prevention, and cool-down times in your electric heater. All of these things will help to ensure you and others will always remain safe. Also, be sure to turn it off when you leave your RV and before you go to bed for the night.

Types of Electric Heaters

There are a few different types of electric heaters that you will be able to find

Ceramic Fan 

These kinds of heaters do not get hot enough to be a fire hazard or get hot enough to cause burn damage because it has a fan that improves its heating performance. 


This type of heater is usually the quietest and they heat up much faster, require less energy, and are more expensive. They don’t rely on fans or convection to create heat. 

Forced Air

People who like consistent, gradual heating typically like this type of heater. The air in this kind of heater is pushed out after being heated by an electric current. It is not the best option for large spaces but can be great for small ones.


These types of heaters use convection currents to heat up a space. There is still consistent heating of this type of heater but it is usually slow. They tend to be safe options because they don’t have hot coils and they are usually easy to move because they are light and small.

Wrapping Up

We found the five electric heaters listed above extremely helpful for your RV. We would honestly consider purchasing all the of electric heaters, as the quality is beyond excellent. If you are interested in buying an electric heater, you should check out the brands listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use electric heaters in and RV?

It can be safe to use an electric heater inside your RV on all levels as long as you do it safely.

What is the cheapest way to heat an RV?

Heaters are the best way and cheapest way to heat your RV. They provide dry heat so you don’t need to worry about condensation.

Are ceramic heaters safe for an RV?

Ceramic heaters are safe for an Rv because they don’t emit dangerous gases, are easy to move and don’t have any hot coils.