The 5 Best Electric Ice Augers of 2022

Winter’s here. The lakes are frozen. Does that mean you stop enjoying your favorite activity? Certainly not! Ice fishing can be a fun, adventurous activity you can indulge in with your friends and family. But for that, you’d need good ice drillers or ice augers. An electric ice auger helps you make holes in the ice effortlessly, making ice fishing more convenient for you. Here are 5 best electric ice augers for 2022.

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1. Eco LLC Gas Powered Ice Auger

Best Electric Ice Auger

Equipped with a 52CC, 2.5HP, 2-stroke gasoline engine, this is a heavy-duty ice auger from ECO LLC with a power of 1.8KW/8000RPM. In addition, it is equipped with a centrifugal clutch that allows you to change bits effortlessly. Moreover, it has a safety bit lock for added protection. The accessories included are: 2 bits,6″ and 10″ and a fuel mixing bottle; this machine can be used for drilling ice, hard soil and clay.

This auger can be handled by one or two people to drill the earth to set poles, trees, shrubs, fence posts, and more. The engine is a single cylinder that is air-cooled. It has a bit lock and lots of power. It’s easy to start with the cord starter and is lightweight for easy use.

+ Powerful

+ Lightweight

+ Easy to operate

Not the best option for everyday use

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2. XtremepowerUS 1500W Hole Digger

XtremepowerUS 1500W Hole Digger

This powerful electric ice auger comes with a 1500W motor that delivers 90 ft-lb torque with 2700RPM. The auger is made of high strength manganese steel that allows it to withstand impact which contributes to the machine’s lifespan. Also, this ice auger features handles with anti-skid and vibration-proof grips that maximize leverage and stability. This allows the user to manoeuvre the machine easily. Moreover, this auger is equipped with a safety lock function that prevents accidental triggering, thereby maximizing security.

The drill bit of this auger is strong and durable with its high strength manganese steel. It can withstand material wear, extrusion, impact, and other bad working conditions. The durable paint helps to resist corrosion and rust to ensure a long life of use.

+ Premium quality

+ Safe to use

+ Powerful

No anti-kick back

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3. Strikemaster Lithium 40v 8″ Ice Auger

Strikemaster Lithium 40v 8" Ice Auger

This 8-inch ice auger can drill up to 100 holes on a single charge which is quite impressive. It has twin serrated stainless steel laser blades and an internal battery management system to ensure long life from the battery. It weighs 24 pounds and has comfortable handles that will dampen impact. 

The Strikemaster has both forward and reverse modes so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck or needing to use your hands at all. This auger also comes with a 2 year warranty on the battery, charger, and motor. This auger is incredibly easy to use and, despite the price, is well known to give great results.

+ LED lights

+ No fade out

+ Forward and reverse modes


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4. Hiltex 10525 Electric Hole Digger/Earth Auger

Digger/Earth Auger

This electric ice auger is perfect for drilling holes in the ice, installing fences and many other applications. Moreover, the auger’s handle is fitted with an anti-vibration grip that provides maximum leverage with stability while working. Moreover, this electric ice auger comes with a safety lock feature that prevents accidental startup of the drill. This product comes with a 4″ x 30″ long auger bit.

This ice auger has a 1200W high-performance 1.6 horsepower motor with a torque of 90ft-lb powers the auger at a speed of 200 rpm. This auger is powerful and durable and will make quick work of whatever you need.

+ Versatile

+ Premium Quality

+ Safe

Known to have worse performance if there are rocks in the way

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5. XtremepowerUS 85059 Electric Ice Auger

5. XtremepowerUS 85059 Electric Ice Auger

This electric ice auger is another quality product from Xtremepower. It is built using high-quality manganese steel. A 1200W heavy duty motor with 10.9 Amps and 1.6 HP runs the Xtremepower electric ice auger. The body is sprayed with durable black paint that resists rust and corrosion. The safety lock function prevents accidental triggering.

The handles are comfortable with an ergonomic design. It features two vibration-proof grips that are anti-skid to maintain maximum stability and leverage while working. This auger is great for installing a deck, fence posts, planting trees, and more.

+ Strong Built

+ Comfortable grip

+ Safety Lock


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What To Consider Before Buying An Electric Ice Auger

Before purchasing an ice auger, you’ll want to consider a few factors to ensure you find the one that is best for you. 

Weight and Size

You will typically see auger blades at 6, 8, or 10 inches. If you plan to be fishing for smaller fish you won’t really need anything larger than 6 inches, but if you plan to catch a variety, you may want to consider a larger option. Smaller augers will be easier to use and maneuver and can usually drill more holes than a larger auger. You’ll especially want to keep in mind the safety of yourself and others when drilling your holes. If children or pets will be around, you likely won’t want to drill large holes where they may fall in. 


You will be able to find chipping blades or shaving blades. Chipping blades are slower to work with but are more durable with their built-in teeth meant to handle packed ice. To re-cut holes you’ve already made, chipping blades are great. Shaving blades are best for fresh ice quickly because they are smooth and sharp. 


No one wants to worry about having their work cut off because their battery died. This is always a risk with anything battery-powered, but finding an auger with a long battery life will at least reduce the chances of this happening. You shouldn’t have a problem during a single session, but make sure you keep your tool charged between sessions. Also keep in mind that although more power and longer life sounds great, it will also call for a higher price. 


Expect to need an auger to cut through a foot of ice because this will typically be all that you’ll need unless you experience extreme freezes. Most augers will offer a depth of around 2 feet and some may offer more. You can buy a compatible extension pole if you think you’ll need more depth than what your auger will provide you with. The more important factor is the width but depth is still something to keep in mind.

Types of Ice Augers

You will be able to find three types of ice augers: manual, gas, and electric. 


Manual augers are almost always going to be the cheapest option and tend to be the simplest to use. They will need to be sharpened, but won’t require any other maintenance. However, they’re going to be the most labor intensive. 


Gas augers tend to be the most powerful option and tend to run for a much longer period of time than the other two options. That being said, they require the most maintenance, are very loud, and are not environmentally friendly. 


Electric augers are much quieter than gas augers with the added bonus of no fumes or smells. You don’t need to worry about refueling them and they tend to be pretty light. The biggest downside of electric augers are their price tags and knowing they won’t run for quite as long. However, for their convenience and ease of use, this may be a great trade off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an 8-inch ice auger big enough?

An 8-inch ice auger is big enough to catch almost all of the fish you can expect to see on the lakes.

How long do ice auger batteries last?

You can expect your ice auger to last between 600 and 800 cycles on a full charge.

How many holes can you drill with an ice auger?

With an 8-inch model you can expect to drill about 40 holes through 2 feet of ice and with a 6-inch model you can expect to drill about 72 holes through 2 feet of ice.

Wrapping Up

Ice augers are your best companions for fishing. If the ice you are drilling is less than 12 inches thick, a hand auger is more than enough. However, if you are drilling extremely thick layers of ice, then you should go for the gas-powered ones. In addition, there are versatile augers available that can be used for drilling soil also.