The 5 Best Electric Knives of 2022

Using electric knives cuts down on unnecessary accidents, as well as provides an expert slice to any food with precision and consistency. Read more to find out which knife we deem to be the best electric knife out there.

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Best Electric Fillet Knife

1. NutriChef PKELKN16

NutriChef best electric knife

This stainless steel electric knife comes equipped with a safety lock, a saw blade ideal for cutting through a selection of fine, exotic, or foreign meats and cheeses. The detachable blade mechanism makes cleanup a breeze, along with a ergonomic handle for secure handling.

+ 4 replaceable blades

+ Less exertion

+ Consistent slices

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2. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton best electric knife

With a plastic handle and 10inch blade, the Hamilton Beach electric knife is a great and versatile knife that can be used to cut through even the strongest cold cut meats, exotic breads, or even art projects.

+ Comes in convenient case

+ Serving fork

+ Serrated blade edge

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3. American Angler PRO

American Angler PRO best electric knife

This electric knife designed for heavy duty projects is ideal for large aquatic game and even home furnishings. With 5 different custom blade options varying from 5 inches to 10 inches, the American Anglers advanced airflow design keeps the PRO Series risk for overheating at a minimum.

+ 2 year warranty

+ High Torque

+ 10″ Heavy Duty Shark Blade

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4. Waring Commercial

Waring Commercial

The cordless Waring electric knife uses a decisively simple and intuitive design to make setup virtually in any area. Designed for serious large scale projects, the Waring electric knife comes equipped with a dual sided saw blade designed to cut through bone with surgical precision and speed.

+ LED light for low lit areas

+ Cordless

1 year warranty

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5. Mister Twister

Mister Twister

Featuring a neon green and yellow handle, the Mister Twister is a lightweight yet extremely powerful electric knife with a 9inch stainless steel blade. Suitable for raw meats, vegetables, tough breads, and frozen foods the Mister Twister has a unique handle to optimize comfort and sustainability.

+ 120V AC

+ Heavy duty bearings

+ Easy to clean

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Wrapping Up

Electric knifes are a must have for any cooking project. It saves time on prep and can handle almost any material needed with precision and speed for no extra hassle. Additionally they are safer and cut down on unnecessary accidents related to improper knife use.

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