The 5 Best Electric Leaf Blowers of 2022

which are the most powerful electric leaf blowers of 2021? If you want to blast leaves across your yard, then these are the best corded electric leaf blowers for you! Read this article to find out.

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1. The TORO PowerJet F700 electric leaf blower

Best Electric Leaf Blower

Its power can make dense or wet leaves blow away with ease. Its ergonomics allows you to blow stuff away in a more effortless way thanks to its curved handle.

+ Really powerful airstream

+ Lightweight and easy to maneuver

+ Best relation quality-price

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2. WORX WG520 T

Best Electric Leaf Blower

Equipped with a 12-amp motor, the WORX WG520 has force of a yet engine inside a leaf blower. However, it is not so loud!

+ You can regulate the air speed

+ It brings an attachable HYPER-STREAM AIR NOZZLE

+ Easy to assembly. Would not require disassembly unless for storage purposes

Not so easy to handle

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3. Black+Decker Leaf Blower

Black+Decker Leaf Blower

If you have to handle longer tasks in your garden, you can use the BLACK+DECKER. With a 7Amp motor and a lightweight design it has the strength to blow stuff for more than an our.

+ Air volume /air speed: 180 cfm at 180 mph

+ High-quality construction

+ Lightweight enough for one-handled use

Not powerful enough for heavy jobs

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4. Greenworks 7 Amp

Greenworks 7 Amp

This single speed corded electric blower is perfect for small yards. It’s less powrful but really lightweight.

+ Inexpensive

+ Lightweight

+ High mph rating


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5. SunJoe SBJ597E

SunJoe SBJ597E

The most affordable item of the list. The CFM rating is of 260, so you can tackle leaves in your yard with ease.

+ Really lightweight

+ One-handled use

+ Has a cord lock so that it doesn’t get unplugged while in use

Not appropriate for large spaces

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Wrapping Up

These are the most powerful handheld electric blowers available. If you need this level of performance and you’re serious about getting the job done quickly with the right amount of power, these are the best options you could choose.

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