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The 5 Best Electric Lighters of 2022

Are you sick and tired of plastic flimsy lighters that never work when you need them? The ultimate solution to this dilemma will then be a futuristic-looking electric lighter. Check out our compilation of the best electric lighters.

Best Electric Lighters Comparison

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1. Tesla Coil Single Arc Lighter

Best Electric Lighter

This is a rechargeable lighter with a single plasma arc which is multi-colored. Its dimensions are 3” x 1.75” x 0.5” and has an arc length of 5mm. We think this is the best electric lighter on the market.

This lighter is rechargeable via USB and you can get between 100-300 uses on a full charge which can last you up to a week depending on frequency of use. You simply click the button to ignite this lighter and at only 3 ounces it is a great lightweight lighter.

+ Great for lighting candles and cigarettes

+ Will not light up when the lid is closed

+ Fully charged with a USB cable it can be used 100-300 times

+ Comes in variety colors

Not great for lighting cigars

Not waterproof

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2. Ronxs Electric Lighter

Ronxs Electric Lighter

You get more than 500 uses of this rechargeable lighter on a single charge. No flame or butane is used, just an electrical pulse, making it much safer and odor-free.

This lighter is wind and splash proof so you can always be sure you’ll be able to light it without worrying about the weather. You can recharge this lighter with the USB charging cable. You’ll know when you need to charge it because the LED battery display always lets you know how much life is left.

+ 360° long flexible neck

+ LED battery display

+ Easy-to-use on/off button

No safety latch

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3. Scotte Waterproof Lighter

 Scotte Waterproof Lighter

This electric Scott Plasma lighter is rich with features. One end of this lights up with flame while the other is actually a glare flashlight. The flashlight has both a normal lighting mode and a flash mode. Both modes are accessed by pressing the switch. On a full charge, you can use your flashlight for 3 to 5 hours. It also has a 5-in-1 magnesium fire starter included as well making this the perfect lighter for long trips, camping excursions, or simply a great tool to have around the house. 

A full charge takes about 2 hours and you can expect between 150-300 uses out of it on a full charge. This lighter is windproof and when you hold the switch for longer than 7 seconds, the automatic protection mode will become activated allowing for a very safe use.

+ Waterproof case

+ Include a fire starter and a compass

+ Has necessary safety features

Battery drains quickly

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4. Reidea Electronic Candle Lighter

Reidea Electronic Candle Lighter

The Reidea lighter will give you 60 uses on a full charge. You can recharge it at least 300 times with the USB cable it comes with. It does not require gas, fluid, or flame. It has a non-slip design button making turning it on and off fast and easy. 

It is a durable lighter, made of zinc-alloy and cools down quickly after use. It is also windproof, making outdoor use quick and simple. There is a safety lock at the bottom of the device which allows you to retract the arc tip in the case of emergencies. You do, however, need to make sure you don’t use it near splashing water or leave it in the sun to avoid damage.

+ Easy to use

+ Easy to store and maintain

+ Windproof case

Sharp sound on turn on

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5. Jinlun Waterproof Electric Lighter

Jinlun Waterproof Electric Lighter

This electric lighter is windproof and waterproof. It has a safety locking clasp and a metal-ring sealed lighter cover to ensure it won’t get ruined by rain or water and making it great for both indoor and outdoor activities. This lighter is charged by being plugged into a USB port and no batteries or gas is required. It completes a full charge in 2 hours. 

This lighter is lightweight at 1.79 ounces and comes with a lanyard for even easier portability. It is very durable being made with zinc-alloy material and high-quality ABS. You can use this lighter up to 60 times before needing to charge it again.

+ Double arc

+ Waterproof case

+ Gift package with additional tools included

Tough to open without looking

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Lighter

Before deciding which electric lighter to buy, you’ll want to consider a few factors. 


You will be able to find lighters that are great for candles, great for camping and traveling, and great for around the house. You’ll want to determine what kind of lighter will give you the most use and be worth the cost. For example, if you’re using your lighter mostly for candles, you’ll want one with a long neck. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a great camping lighter, you may want one that is waterproof and more durable.


The number of uses you can get out of an electric lighter will vary. Some offer no more than 60 while others offer more than 500. If you’re going to be using your lighter frequently, or plan to take it on trips when you may not be able to charge it often, you will want to look for a lighter that will give you more uses a single charge. 


Finding a lighter with safety features is always a good idea. If you have children, you will especially want to make sure your lighter has a safety lock. Look for automatic shut-off features or ones that have a specific way to turn it on (just as pushing the button up rather than pushing it in) for added safety.

Types of Electric Lighters

You will be able to find two types of electric lighters which are single arc or double arc.

Double arc lighters tend to be fancier than single arc lighters and they produce twice as much heat. In a single arc lighter, the stored energy lasts for a longer period of time and in a double arc lighter, the stored energy finishes quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are plasma lighters safe?

Plasma lighters are actually safe to use than traditional lighters because they are easier to control.

What is an arc lighter?

Arc lighters are lighters that don’t produce a flame. Instead, they have an arc of electricity that is used to produce heat.

Are electric lighters worth it?

electric lighters tend to be more long-lasting than traditional lighters and they are more environmentally friendly.

Wrapping Up

Electric lighters do not only look cool, but they are also much better to the environment than their plastic counterparts are. You will not make a mistake getting one for yourself or a friend.