The 5 Best Electric Log Splitters of 2021

We all get tired of the effort involved in splitting logs ready for winter. Aching arms, cold-chapped lips, and several ‘near misses’ are the massive downside of such a primitive, manual process. If only there was a list of the 5 best electric log splitters to help you choose a machine that does the hard work so you don’t need to… Oh wait! What? There is?! You’re reading it now? You better keep reading in order to choose the electric log splitter your dreams.

1. Wood Cutter Portable Electric Log Splitter

This portable electric log splitter is hydraulic with a powerful motor to save those aching arms. Don’t be fooled by the 7 tons of force it exerts, as this model is super safe for household use, it’s semi automatic two point braking system can stop at any time. You’ve never known log splitting freedom like this!

+ Portable

+ Powerful motor

+ Simple, safe and effective operation

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2. Forest Master Lightweight 5 Ton Fast Electric Hydraulic FM5 Log Splitter

Best Electric Log Splitter

Ideal for 2 hand use, the Forest Master Log Splitter will quickly become a household favourite. Lightweight and easy to use, this device is reliable and compliant with all the latest health and safety regulations, making near-misses a thing of the past.

+ 9 second cycle time

+ Compact and lightweight

+ Safety compliant

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3. AL-KO LSH 370/4 Horizontal Electric Log Splitter

Splitting logs by hand is painstaking, hard graft. With the AL-KO LSH Horizontal Electric Log Splitter you can create the perfect log pile for winter in half the time.

+ Maximum splitting force of 4.0T

+ Two hand safety operation

+ No battery or petrol required

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4. Sealey LS370H Horizontal Electric Splitter

The Sealey LS370H Horizontal Electric Splitter is one of the 5 Best Electric Log Splitters on the market, and can make light work of a large amount of wood. It has a maximum load pressure of 4.0T- that’s seriously impressive. Get your winter stove stash ready in no time.

+ Instant splitting

+ Lightweight

+ Efficient

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5. Forest Master Heavy Duty Electric Log Splitter

best electric log splitter

Become a Forest Master with another great product from Forest Master! This is one of the most innovative log splitters of 2021 with duo blade technology, cutting wood from BOTH ends unlike most conventional log splitters. This beast is extremely powerful, but don’t let it’s bright orange appearance fool you- the safety guard is as innovative as it’s other features, making this not only powerful but health and safety conscious.

+ Duoblade technology

+ Innovative safety features

+ 15 second cycle time

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Wrapping Up

Electric log splitters can be a great way to save both time and energy, but either way, it is important to select one that suits your needs and requirements best. This list encapsulates the 5 Best Electric Log Splitters of 2021, and we have no doubt that whichever machine you choose will be absolutely perfect for your household. It is important to bear in mind also that these machines can be dangerous, and although we’ve picked you Electric Log Splitters with high-end safety features, it is important that you research the proper safety precautions that need to be taken when using this machine. Happy splitting! Winter will be warm in your house this year!

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