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The 5 Best Electric Lunch Boxes of 2022

Now working at an office or on field without a microwave will no longer mean having cold lunches. With the portable electric lunch box invention, you can enjoy hot and healthy meals whenever you are at the click of a button. To ease your search among multiple options that are available in the market, we have compiled a  guide discussing comprehensively the top 5 electric lunch boxes of 2022. Everyone is familiar with the use of lunch boxes everywhere including home, work and even studying. Electric lunch boxes take the use of lunch boxes a notch further. These lunch boxes allow heating and even cooking food while being on the move.

Best Electric Lunch Boxes Comparison

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1. YISSVIC 3 in 1 Electric Lunch Box

Best Electric Lunch Box

Yissvic’s 3 in 1electric lunch box takes functionality a step ahead. Typically electric lunch boxes are either for home/office use, and sometimes car use. This time this electric lunch box is made for those who are always on the go or have no access to a microwave. With this Yissvic’s Electric lunch box, you can eat home cooked, warm meals healthily whenever and wherever you want With a comfortable rubber handle, leakproof design and 1.5L capacity it is easy and safe to carry. With additional options such as a storage cover and being leak and dust proof, Yissvic’s electric lunch box is definitely worth purchasing.

+ Food Grade Material -1.5L Stainless Steel Container + 0.4L Fruit Box

+ 12V/24V/110V – supports 12V car use + 24V truck + 110V work use

+ Easy to clean & dishwasher safe

+ Comfortable handle and leak-proof design

Not suitable for a microwave oven.

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2. Yissvic Electric Lunch Box Portable Food Warmer Heater

Best Electric Lunch Box

Yissvic’s electric lunch box provides an easy solution to carry and keep food warm. Yissvic’s electric lunch box design allows it to be charged both in the car and through a wall plug. With a combination of stainless steel and food grade PPC, Yissvic’s electric lunch box is of quality build. It additionally features an anti-hot handle, and a 1.5L holding capacity which makes carrying fresh hot food very easy.

+ 12V/110V – supports 12V car use  + 110V home/work use

+ Anti hot handle

+ Large 1.5L capacity.

+ Indication light when heating

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3. Corotc’s Electric Lunch Box

Corotc’s Electric Lunch Box

Corotc’s electric lunch box is a portable microwave and food container. With a design allowing it to be charged in the car and using the wall socket it is truly portable. The thermoplastic build body with stainless steel provides durability and easy heating. The stainless steel here is removable and easy to clean. To reduce chances of food leakage it has a sealing ring. This electric lunch box with a large 1.5L capacity and thermal heating properties allows quick heating and easy carrying and comes with a spoon.

+ 2 plugs support work/home (110V) and cars/trucks (12V & 24V)

+ Fast heating

+ Sealing ring- reduces chances of leakage

+ Stainless steel trays-dishwasher safe

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4. Forabest 2-In-1 Electric Lunch Box Food Heater

Forabest 2-In-1 Electric Lunch Box Food Heater

Forabest’s Electric lunch box food heater is definitely one of the best affordable gadgets out there. Forabest’s electric lunch box can be used at home and can heat your food while you drive so that you enjoy a warm meal when you’re ready even on the road. Built using a premium natural PP material with a removable stainless steel container inside, it allows quality and natural carrying of food and is easily washable. It is created in a leakproof manner, thus reducing chances of spills and allowing liquid items such as soup to be carried.

+ Leak-proof

+ Removable stainless steel container

+ Comes with fork & spoon and carry bag

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5. Toursion 2 in 1 -Portable Mini Cooker/Steamer & Electric Lunch Box

Toursion 2 in 1 -Portable Mini Cooker/Steamer & Electric Lunch Box

Toursion’s 2-in-1 electric lunchbox and Rice Cooker/steamer is a handy gadget for those on the move. Toursion’s 2-in-1 electric lunch box allows both cooking and heating. With a lightweight but well-built external stainless steel and internal food grade material it is high-temperature resistant, non-toxic, durable and safe to use. Toursion’s electric lunch box can heat or cook your meal at home, school, office or during travel. The plug port of Toursion’s electric lunch box is waterproof, thus making it safe if accidentally exposed to water. If you desire an electric lunch box which cooks and feeds, while being non-toxic, waterproof and portable, the Torsion self cooking electric lunch box is made for you.

+ 2 stainless steel bowl and dish plate (Removable), 2 bowl lids to prevent leak

+ Dishwasher safe

+ Anti-scalding handle 

+ Supports work/home (110V) 

Due to the Anti dry burning function, the machine will power off automatically when the water is running out

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What is an Electric Lunch Box?

Electric lunch boxes include a heating element that warms up food. They can be powered by a standard outlet or a battery. 

An electric lunch box does not only keep food warm like regular thermos that just maintains the temperature of the food. It actively heats the food at a predetermined time. It warms food evenly so every bite is tasty and hot. 

Electric lunch boxes usually have a handle for carrying, as well as a removable container for easy washing. They come in different sizes — some can hold a single serving, while others hold multiple servings in separate compartments. The features of electric lunch boxes might differ, such as the manufacturing materials and the highest possible heating temperature. But their purpose is the same. 

Pros and Cons of an Electric Lunch Box


  • It is easily portable.
  • You can heat up your food anywhere where there is electricity supply.
  • It has a very simple design, making it easy to use.
  • It has more space than a simple lunch box.


  • Compared to a simple lunch box, it is very expensive. 
  • Electric Lunch box is dependent on electricity.
  • Unstable electricity can short circuit and ruin the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you warm up water or other liquids like tea, coffee?

Yes, you can warm up water or soup in it, it will be much faster to heat liquid.

Do you have replacement cords?

Some electric lunches do have replacement cords that can be purchased separately. Please ensure the right cord before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

Can I purchase additional inserts?

Yes , you can purchase additional stainless steel inner containers based on the model and dimensions.

Can you use your own container e.g. glass dish?

It is recommended not using your own containers and using the one that comes with an Electric Lunch box.

Wrapping Up

 Here comes our guide to an end about the best 5 electric lunch boxes of 2022. The electric lunch box we recommend for use is YISSVIC Electric Lunch Box 3-in-1. Electric lunch-boxes are of a lot of use, and help. It is important to purchase the correct type based on use, and keeping in mind the value for money.