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The 5 Best Electric Massage Tables of 2022

To enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating massage from the comfort of your home, one of the biggest pre-requisites is having a good electric massage table. If you are looking to buy one here is our guide to 5 best electric massage tables of this year.

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1. Beauty Salon Spa Electrical Facial Beauty Bed


This massage table from DIR group is professional looking and heavy duty. It has a full metal structure and has wheels for easy moving. This table can be raised between 20.5 inches and 34 inches. It is 73 inches long and is 28 inches wide. 400 pounds is the weight capacity of this table. Assembly is required. 

This electric massage table has retractable roller wheels to make moving easier and has density memory foam, high grade soft vinyl for maximum durability and comfort. The pillow is removable to expose the breathing hole and you control the height of the table with a remote, although it does also have foot operation.

+ Heavy-duty with maximum user weight up to 400 pounds

+ Easy control of height with a remote controlled foot pedal

+ High density foam padding

Not UL approved

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2. LCL Beauty Fully Electric Adjustable Facial Bed/Massage Table 

LCL Beauty Fully Electric Adjustable Facial Bed/Massage Table

This massage table from LCL is affordable yet versatile. It comes with a remote controller and a three port power strip and two USB ports near the base. The height on the LCL Beauty can be adjusted between 26 inches and 31 inches. It is 72 inches long and can extend to 78 inches with the headrest. It is 32 inches wide including the armrests and is 24.5 inches wide not including the armrests. The weight limit for this table is 250 pounds. 

The arms on this chair can be easily and quickly removed without the use of tools. It has high density foam padding for additional comfort with a 4 inch thick density. It comes with a matching stool and is shipped in 2 boxes. Note that this table does not sit up to a full 90 degrees.

+ Removable arms and pillow

+ Free matching technician chair

+ 4 inch thick foam padding with high density

Ships in 2 boxes

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3. Earthlite Portable Massage Table Package

Earthlite Portable Massage Table Package

The Earthlite electric massage table is a fantastic professional massage table. It has a cushioning system that provides dual density and patented memory cushions. It has rounded corners to reduce the risk of injury and is pretty responsive to weight changes. The dimensions of this table are ‎73 x 30 x 33 inches. It weighs 35 pounds. 

Made of water and oil-resistant materials, the cover of this table ensures you won’t be uncomfortable. You can rest assured that your pressure points will always be engaged because the face cradle and headrest can adjust themselves. As an added bonus, this table is foldable making it easily portable or even storable.

+ Water and oil-resistant cover

+ Foldable

+ Patented memory cushions

No rubber grips on feet

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4. Milo Electric Massage & Facial Bed/Table with Face Cradle

Best Electric Massage Table

The Milo Electric Massage and Facial Bed is sleek and stylish but also sturdy and long-lasting. The electric system for the electric massage table has two motors. It has a height of 25.5 inches, a width of 27.5 inches, and a length of 74 inches. It weighs 280 pounds and can hold a maximum weight of 250 pounds. 

The Milo comes with an attachable metal framed head rest for maximum comfort and durability. One of the table’s motors is used to adjust the backrest and knee and the other is used to adjust the height of the table. The stool’s height can be adjusted between 16 inches and 22 inches and has an integrated foot ring.

+ One electric motor dedicated solely to height adjustments

+ Second motor for backrest and knees

+ Sturdy and thick metal frame for durability

Curbside delivery

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5. Jade Therapy Massage Bed Table

Jade Therapy Massage Bed Table

The Jade Therapy Massage Bed Table is made of wood and metal for durability. This bed is 5.6 feet long, 19 inches tall, and 24 inches wide. The maximum weight capacity for this table is 350 pounds. It has a 5 year warranty. Assembly of this table is required and takes about one hour. 

The Jade Therapy Massage Bed Table is a stunning model with a roller system that looks very nice. The 9 rollers in this table are individually heated by infrared carbon fiber panels which control the temperature based on your needs. It has preset programs as well as LCD controlled features. It also features a superior belt drive system.

+ 9 individually heated rollers

+ Roller system made of jade

+ Maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds


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Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Massage Table

Before purchasing an electric massage table, here are a few things to keep in mind. 


Naturally, if you’re wanting to buy yourself a massage table, you want to be able to use it. This means that you’ll need to make sure it will hold you comfortably. Usually you will see massage tables that can hold at least 250 pounds, but there are tables out there that will support 500 pounds or more. Worth noting is that massage tables with a higher weight capacity will be heavier than those with a lower weight capacity. 


Electric massage tables while either have a wired remote control or one that is foot-operated. For professionals, the foot operated tables are more ideal because they can adjust the table without losing focus on their client.


To ensure you get a great massage table, make sure you find one that is UL-certified so you know it will be safe and sustainable. If you will be using your table for clients, find one that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure you can aid clients with mobility issues.

Tips For an Electric Massage Table

  • Find a table with scissor legs instead of a pedestal type for working with clients so there is support in more than just the middle of the table.
  • Buy a power surge protector so you won’t have to worry about your table during power surges or lightning strikes. 
  • Make sure the wheels are on the head of the table so you can move your table towards or away from walls depending on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do electric massage tables last?

Depending on the materials that your table is made out of you you can expect to see at least a couple of years of use. If your table is made out of hard wood, you can expect at least 10 years of use out of your table.

How much is an electric massage table?

For a reliable table, you can expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of $900-$2000 for an electric massage table.

What is weight limit for most electric massage tables?

Typically electric massage table have a maximum weight capacity of 250-350 pounds.

Wrapping Up

Electric massage tables can provide you with a great experience and here are our top picks for you. If you are still confused we would like to recommend the Milo Electric Massage & Facial Bed/Table with Face Cradle.