The 5 Best Electric Scissors for Fabric of 2021

A pair of electric scissors make sewing, scrapbooking, crafting, or cutting fabric, efficient, effective and fun. They don’t resemblance the regular scissors but can be easier to operate once you get used to them. Continue reading to find out the best electric scissors models on the market right now.

1. Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors

best electric scissors for fabric pink power brand

These pink-colored scissors are stronger than they look. They are battery powered with 1-2 hours of continuous use fully charged.

+ Safety lock button

+ Battery charger

+ One push blade release

+ An additional blade

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2. Dr. Snipper Electric Scissors

Dr. Snipper best electric scissors for fabric

Dr. Snipper scissors are multipurpose. They come with many features that makes you want to keep you cutting all your day.

+ Precision

+ Non-slip grip

+ Multi-use blade

+ Ergonomic handle

Quite loud

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3. Mxbaoheng WBT-2

Mxbaoheng WBT-2

You can use the scissors directly from your electrical socket or you can rely on the included rechargeable batteries to work without any power source.

+ Long-lasting battery

+ Rechargeable and pluggable

+ Extra cutting blade

+ Variety of cutting options

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4. Cgoldenwall Electric Cutter

Cgoldenwall Electric Cutter

This fabric cutter is great for linen, cotton or burlap. It cuts smoothly through multiple layers at one time.

+ High speed blade

+ Great for multiple layers

+ Easy maintenance

+ Powerful motor

Not so great around curves

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5. Poweraxis Electric Scissors

Poweraxis Electric Scissors

This is a great universal electric scissors model. Budget friendly as well.

+ Safety lock mode

+ Extra two blades

+ Lightweight

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Wrapping Up

If you are sewing and cutting a lot, then try electric scissors for a change. Like the other electrical devices (electric stapler, electric eraser) which save your hands from unnecessary manual work, electric scissors will protect your wrist from damage as well. They are worth a try.

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