The 5 Best Electric Scissors for Fabric of 2022

A pair of electric scissors make sewing, scrapbooking, crafting, or cutting fabric, efficient, effective and fun. They don’t resemble the regular scissors but can be easier to operate once you get used to them. Continue reading to find out the best electric scissors models on the market right now.

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1. Black & Decker Electric Scissors

The Black and Decker Scissors are battery operated while being versatile and powerful. They are great for silk and denim fabrics and can also be used for quilting, scrapbooking, sewing, and other home DIY projects. On a full charge that takes 2 hours to complete, you can work for up to 70 minutes at a time. 

These scissors come with a battery, charger, and blade. The cutting blade and battery are both replaceable so you can also be sure your scissors will work well for as long as you need them to. These scissors also come with a two year warranty but they are on the expensive side.

+ Powerful

+ Lasts up to 70 minutes

+ Replaceable battery and blade

+ 2 year warranty


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2. Dr. Snipper Electric Scissors

Dr. Snipper scissors are multipurpose. They come with many features that makes you want to keep cutting all throughout your day. These electric scissors can be used to cut leather, paper, blister packs, fabrics, cardboard, and other light to medium materials, making them very versatile and a great tool to have. The blade is all-purpose and meant to easily cut through light materials. 

Coming with a knife-edge cutting head, all-purpose cutting blade, and wall charging cord, the Dr. Snipper has all you need for your crafting projects. It has an ergonomic design which allows for comfortable use without wrist or hand strain. You can get the Dr. Snipper in 4 different colors.

+ Precision

+ Non-slip grip

+ Multi-use blade

+ Ergonomic handle

Quite loud

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3. Mxbaoheng WBT-2 Electric Scissors

You can use these scissors directly from your electrical socket or you can rely on the included rechargeable batteries to work without any power source. These scissors don’t emit a lot of noise, so you don’t have to worry about getting annoyed while working. You can get an hour’s worth of work after a 2 hour charge. These scissors are an improved model of their predecessor with an increased cutting efficiency of 30%. 

These scissors can be used to cut felt, glass fiber, sponge, clothing, knitwear, curtain, textile fabric, leather, carbon fiber, knitted cotton (within 15mm), aramid fiber (within 3mm), and paper products (within 8mm). These scissors are incredibly versatile, making them a worth-it investment.

+ Long-lasting battery

+ Rechargeable and pluggable

+ Extra cutting blade

+ Variety of cutting options


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4. Cgoldenwall Electric Cutter

This fabric cutter is great for linen, cotton or burlap. It cuts smoothly through multiple layers at one time. The Cgoldenwall scissors are great for commercial or industrial use. These scissors have a high speed octagonal blade that is 70mm and reaches 2400RPM. It can cut through a thickness of 25mm cleanly, smoothly, and without mess. 

The cloth cutter allows you to cut straight or curved with auxiliary tools such as tailor’s chalk or a ruler. It has a built-in sharpening stone and one-key automatic sharpening so you never have to worry about your blade going dull while you work.

+ High speed blade

+ Great for multiple layers

+ Easy maintenance

+ Powerful motor

Not so great around curves

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5. Joavani Cordless Scissors

This is a great universal electric scissors model that are budget friendly as well. The Joavani scissors come with two blades that can be used on rigid materials as well as fabric. It has an ergonomic handle that provides comfort with the soft rubber grip. The switch to turn the scissors off and on are located at the top of the scissors for easy access. 

These scissors also come with an extra battery so that you can swap batteries out without needing to worry about taking a long break from your work while your scissors charge. Depending on your use, each battery can last between 45 and 90 minutes and take an hour to charge.

+ Powerful

+ Comes with two cutting blades

+ Ergonomic design

Heavier than cordless scissors

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Things To Consider Before Buying Electric Scissors

Before you purchase a pair of electric scissors, you’ll want to think about a few things to ensure you get the right ones for your projects.


One of the first things you want to consider is how long you are going to need your scissors each time you’re working. Battery powered scissors always run the risk of running out mid-project but they have the convenience factory of being easily portable without any cords getting in your way. Consider finding a model with a longer run-time or that comes with more than one battery so you can switch out during projects without needing to stop completely. 


Some electric scissors will be capable of cutting through a wider variety of materials, but they can get pretty pricey. If you only need your scissors for a few light fabrics, you don’t need to invest in one that is incredibly versatile. However, if you bounce back and forth between projects, try to find one that will cover all your bases so you don’t have to end up buying a second pair. 


The best electric scissors to use are going to be lightweight ones that are comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver. Ideally, your scissors should weigh in around the 1 pound mark and have some sort of ergonomic design that will lessen hand or wrist fatigue. You also don’t want them to be too long or they will be hard to maneuver around some materials. You probably don’t want to get anything longer than 9 inches.


You will be able to find type D blades and type O blades on electric scissors. Type D blades are capable of cutting through harder materials such as thinner-gauge metals, plastic, and corrugated cardboard. Type O blades are meant for cutting thinner materials like fabric, paper, and felt. But what you need for your projects. Also, consider finding scissors that come with a sharpener or have one built in to ensure you always have clean cuts.

Tips For Using Electric Scissors

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using your electric scissors. 

  • Make sure you use the safety button while using it to ensure you don’t harm yourself or others. 
  • You only need to guide the blade. The scissors will do the work for you. 
  • Make sure you know when your scissors will need charged again. You don’t want to be mid-cut when the battery dies because you may ruin your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric scissors good for fabric?

Yes, most electric scissors are actually designed for cutting jobs with fabric and they help keep your projects clean and simple.

Do you need special scissors to cut fabric?

Technically speaking, no. However, electric scissors will work better than traditional ones for fabric because they will leave a much cleaner and more precise cut through fabric.

Can I use normal scissors on fabric?

Depending on the fabric, some scissors may not be able to cut through it at all. Even if they are able to cut through the fabric, they will leave rough edges and create jagged lines.

Wrapping Up

If you are sewing and cutting a lot, then try electric scissors for a change. Like the other electrical devices (electric stapler, electric eraser) which save your hands from unnecessary manual work, electric scissors will protect your wrist from damage as well. They are worth a try.