The 5 Best Electric Staple Guns of 2022

An electric staple gun is a must-have tool for any fix-it projects. From woodwork to upholstery projects, this powerful, handy tool will help you complete home repairs quickly. With so many choices on the market, it may be daunting to find the right one. That’s why we compiled the five best electric staple guns to help you make an informed buying decision and find out which one suits your needs.

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1. Neu Master Staple Gun N6013

Best Electric Staple Gun

The NEU Master electric staple gun features an adjustable power knob to suit any project. It also comes with a contact safety switch to keep the staple gun from firing. This heavy-duty product comes with 336pcs staples and 200pcs nails when you purchase the NEU Master staple gun.

With this staple gun, you don’t have to worry about repairs because NEU Master will replace your tool for you instead. The Brad Nailer has an adjustable power knob that will allow you to work on soft or hard material. This gun can be used for DIY projects, wooden handiwork, home improvement, and upholstery.

+ Safe and easy to use

+ 2 in 1 staple and nail gun

+ Compatible with Staple T50 and TRA 700 series

Has been reported to jam

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2. Roberts 10-600 20 Gauge Electric Stapler

2. Roberts 10-600 20 Gauge Electric Stapler

The Roberts staple gun is great for working with flooring and carpet and can secure flooring types such as boards and laminates. The 20-gauge fasteners are shot in different sizes ranging from 0.188 inches to 0.563 inches. The magazines for the model can golf 85 staples. 

This staple gun has a quick-release mechanism to keep the reloading process speedy. It has a non-slip handle for grip and comfort and it even helps to reduce wrist and hand fatigue. One important aspect to consider, however, is that with this gun you need to use either Surebonder staples or Duo-Fast staples to avoid your gun getting jammed or blocked.

+ 86 staple magazine

+ Lightweight

+ Ideal for flooring and carpet


Need to use Surebonder or Duo-Fast staples

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3. WorkPro 6 in 1 Electric Staple Gun

WorkPro 6 in 1 Electric Staple Gun

The WorkPro 6 in 1 features a quick release loading magazine that easily reloads staples. This staple gun is compatible with T50, JT21, T25 staples and much more. Another great feature of the WorkPro staple gun is you can fire 60 staples in just one press of the trigger. Also, this product is ideal for DIY artworks, upholstery projects, fastening foam and fabrics.

This staple gun is able to take over the role your previous guns have played for you by being compatible with 6 different kinds of staples and nails. It is a cordless model, enabling you to work on whatever you need to wherever you need to. With one full charge, you can fire 1100 staples. It is recommended to recharge every 2-3 months to prolong life.

+ Rechargeable staple gun

+ Lightweight and versatile

+ The product comes with a charger

Doesn’t always staple the same depth

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4. Arrow Fastener T50ACD Corded Electric Staple Gun

Arrow Fastener T50ACD Corded Electric Staple Gun

The Arrow Fastener T50ACD is ideal for woodworking projects, upholstery, home repairs, and much more. This lightweight staple gun comes with a safety mechanism so you can prevent accidental firing. You won’t have to worry about misfiring because the product features spiral drive technology that gives the staple gun excellent firing power. Its rubber padded handle provides comfort to your hands and control on each fire.

This Arrow Fastener has a futuristic look to it, and, thankfully, this tool has some great features. It has a bottom-loading staple magazine and an oversize trigger. Each shot gets maximum power, so you can work without needing to backtrack. It uses a variety of staples and it also has a staple viewing window so you know when you need to reload. This tool is good for crafting, decorating, and general repairs

+ Ideal for woodwork and home repair projects

+ Durable

+ The product comes with rubber cushioned handle

Occasionally needs to fire more than once to get the staple out

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5. Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple Gun


The Stanley TRE550Z delivers consistent firing power for a wide variety of projects. With its dual power switch, you can use this staple gun on soft or hard materials.  It also features an anti-jam mechanism to prevent misfiring staples. Additionally, this versatile staple gun has a contoured handle for extra comfort.

With the Stanley, you can adjust the strength and have easy access to those hard-to-reach places. This staple gun also has a flush nose for better control and is a 2-in-1 tool with the ability to bounce back and forth between staples and Brad nails. This tool will also inform you of when you’re running low with the Brad indicator.

+ Features anti-jam mechanism

+ Compatible with TRA700 Series or Arrow T-50 staples

+ Suitable for soft and hard materials

Limited power cord length

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What to Consider Before Buying An Electric Staple Gun

Before purchasing a staple gun, you’ll want to consider what you need it for and what models will work best. 


You need to look at what sort of projects you’re going to need your staple gun for to determine if you need a light or heavy-duty staple gun. For those heavy-duty projects, you’ll want to find a gun that fires thicker gauge fasteners while for smaller projects you’ll want to look for a gun that fires smaller gauge fasteners. 

Corded or Cordless

With corded staple guns, you don’t have to worry about your projects being put on pause as they have an unlimited run time. However, you do have to be worried about how far your cord can reach. Corded guns tend to be lighter and cheaper because they don’t require a battery. Cordless models can be taken anywhere and don’t require an external electrical power supply. 

Staple Size

Typically, you can expect to see staples in 16, 18 and 20 gauge. The staples get thicker the lower the gauge number is. You’ll also want to consider the style of fasteners. The visible part of the staple is called the crown. For electrical work, look for a narrower crown and longer legs, while for heavy-duty projects you’ll want the opposite.

Staple Gun Types

There are various types of staple guns, so before buying one make sure you have an idea of which type you’re looking for. 


These guns either use a battery or plug into an outlet to fire their staples with a trigger. These models are typically easier on the arm and are great for upholstery projects and carpet.


These staple guns tend to be air-powered and they fire staples into hardwood planks. You can find some versions that are only spring-loaded.


Manual staple guns are handheld and spring-loaded. They fire thick staples and are great for exterior decorations. 


Tack-hammers are staple guns that you strike against a surface in order to fire a staple into your material. These models are good for hanging resin paper or house wrap. 


These staple guns use air pressure to fire thick staple into moldings and framing materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an electric staple gun worth it?

Although you may have trouble getting to hard-to-reach places, electric staple guns are great for insulation, upholstery, flooring, carpet, and installing screens. Electric staplers can drive staples at angles that would be hard or even impossible to do with a manual staple gun.

What size staples do I need for a staple gun?

Heavy duty stapler guns can use a variety of staples but light duty staple guns typically load 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 inch staples.

Can I use regular staples in a staple gun?

The staples you need will be determined by the size of the staple rather than the manufacturer. Once you know the correct size for your gun, you can buy any brand of staples.

Wrapping Up

Whether small or large projects, an electric staple gun is a professional and DIYer essential tool. The best electric staple gun makes it easier and quicker to finish projects. Hopefully, this product review has helped you pick the right one for your project.