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The 5 Best Electric Staplers of 2022

You’re probably tired of the hassle of dealing with a manual stapler if you are starting to look for an electric stapler. A manual stapler can be annoying, especially if you use your stapler frequently in the office. They make it difficult to stack more than a few pages together at a time, they jam frequently, and they can hurt your hand every time you press it down! For this reason we compiled a list of the best electric staplers out there.

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1. PraxxisPro Powerhouse

best electric stapler

The PraxxisPro Powerhouse of industrial strength has a reputation for being highly effective and reliable but without a high price. It features a paper guide of five places, so the first time you can still get the job done correctly.

The Powerhouse is just as the name suggests. Designed to make stapling effortless and fast, it’s a light gray stapler that will really get the job done. Stapling up to 40 sheets at a time, it is likely going to be able to meet most of your needs. It is also jam-resistant and you can adjust the depth of the stapler so that you can staple in many different areas of your paper. Unfortunately, this staples does operate when plugged into the wall, but with it’s lifetime guarantee it may be an option worth considering.

+ Comes with a sturdy remover

+ Optional manual mode

+ Warranty of lifetime against defects

Powered by cord

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2. Max USA Corp. EH-70FII Heavy Duty Electric Flat Clinch Stapler

Max USA Corp. EH-70FII Heavy Duty Electric Flat Clinch Stapler

The Max EH-70FII is a serious piece of hardware, able to drive through huge stacks of paper in an ultra-quiet fashion for heavy-duty use. If you manage a busy department of research or office, then this is a good choice for you.

The MAX EH-70FII is a professional stapler with user friendly features. You can staple between 2 and 70 sheets up to 5,000 times continuously with this piece of equipment. Despite its ability, it runs quietly. You can find switches on the machine that enable you to adjust the stapler’s settings including turning it to Auto or Manual mode. You can also adjust the depth of this stapler and it even comes with an LED status lamp that lets you know when you’re running low on staples. It also has rubber grips so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around your desk or when you’re using it.

+ Extra-long 12-foot cord

+ Safety shutoff function

+ Flat-cinch closure for even stacking

Sometimes unavailable to buy

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3. Xyron Rapid 5080e

Xyron Rapid 5080e

The Xyron Rapid 5080e is ideal for high-volume offices with a 90-sheet capacity, where most models simply won’t cut it. It uses replaceable cartridges filled with flat-cinch staples that keep paper more closely together than standard staples in a tidier way.

Although this stapler is built like a tank, it has minimal noise and vibration while in use. The cartridges hold 5,000 staples in one load so you don’t have to constantly worry about reloading it. Designed to complete over 500,000 stapling tasks and a free cartridge, it is a fantastic deal despite it being more costly than other options.

+ Rated to last for over 500000 uses

+ Includes global power adapters

+ Simple to set up


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4. EcoElectronix EX-25

EcoElectronix EX-25

The EcoElectronix EX-25 can handle margins of 0.25 to 1.65 inches with a 14-point adjustable throat depth. It includes an AC power adapter, but it can run on a set of six AA batteries as well, and to get you started, it comes preloaded with staples.

This stapler is very durable and extremely effective. With an impact-resistant body and easy-to-use design, it will do the job it needs you to every time. It holds 210 staples at once and contains a 14-point staple depth adjustment system so you can ensure that whatever amount of sheets you need put together will hold with no resistance.

+ Refill tray opens smoothly

+ Available in black or white

Is not suitable for high-volume use

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5. Bostitch Office Portable Electric Stapler

Bostitch Office Portable Electric Stapler

The sleek nature of the Bostitch Office Stapler makes it a fashionable addition to any home or office setup, and at just 10.6 ounces, is easy to transport. Its automatic mode speeds up ventures, while you can configure your staple placement with a separate manual configuration.

This stapler can staple between 2 and 20 sheets. Although it doesn’t have the highest sheet amount, it is quiet and perfect for home or classroom use. It has push-button reloading for staplers making the refill process easy. This specific model is on the cheaper side so if you want a step up from your manual stapler, but don’t need to staple hundreds of sheets repeatedly, this could be a great option for you.

+ Lightweight

+ Very ergonomic

+ Cheap

Limited staple capacity

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Tips For Using an Electric Stapler

  • Make sure you don’t harm yourself when loading staples into your stapler. 
  • Order extra cartridges you think you may need in advance so you never have to wait for more to come in. Furthermore, only use the staples that are recommended for your stapler so you don’t cause the device to fail. 
  • Do not try to force more paper together than what your stapler can hold. This is a sure-fire way to damage or at least jam your stapler. 
  • If your device requires batteries, change them often so you don’t risk causing any paper jams on low-battery.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Stapler

If you’re wanting to find a good electric stapler there are a couple of elements you want to keep in mind. 


The first is capacity. If your primary issue is that you are having trouble stapling multiple sheets together with your manual stapler, then you really want to double check that the electric one you want to purchase will be able to perform better and meet your standards. It is possible to damage an electric stapler by pressing down too hard, so don’t let your electric stapler cause you the same frustration as your manual one. 

Power Source

The second consideration is the stapler’s power source. While most electric staplers will run by battery as well as a power adapter, some will be corded. If you’re working in a small space, a corded stapler won’t be a problem as long as it can reach where you need it to. However, if you’re going to need your stapler to move around your office, you’ll want to ensure you opt for the first option.


Finally, you want to make sure you find a durable stapler. Finding a stapler with a shockproof design and has a solid construction will be especially important if you’re working from home where children may access your stapler, or if you or the people you work with are prone to drop things. Additionally, you can check how many uses the stapler is designed for if you’re worried you’ll be using it quite frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need special staplers for an electric stapler?

Some models will advise you to use certain staples, but as a general rule of thumb, aim to buy flat clinch staples for your device.

Do all staplers use the tame staples?

There is a common standard size for staples, but there are various sizes available depending on your needs

How do staplers differ?

Staplers can differ in their sheet capacity, whether they’re manual or electric, and how they run. Different staplers will also offer different individual features such as a light to alert you when you’re low on staples, or the ability to change the depth.

Wrapping Up

With one of these fantastic staplers, be more efficient and have fun stapling it, getting much needed support for your paperwork tasks. If in doubt, we deem the PraxxisPro Powerhouse to be the best electric stapler on the market today. Looking for more gadgets that can save your wrists from overworking? Then check out our guide for the best electric eraser as well.