The 5 Best Electric Toe Kick Heaters of 2022

A toe kick heater, otherwise known as kickspace heater, is a lightweight and energy-efficient heating device. Toe kick heaters come in a very lightweight size, which means they can accommodate almost any room configuration. Continue reading to find out what the best electric toe kick heater models are.

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1. Broan 114 Toe Kick Heater

The Broan 114 electric toe kick heater is the best choice if you are looking for the best value to price ratio. We think this model is the best in our top five list of heaters. This toe kick heater has a white grille that has a baked enamel finish that not only makes it look sleek, but the one-piece design makes it very durable. For even heat distribution, there are vertical louvers across the width of the grille.

This toe kick heater allows you to control the temperature with a timer or voltage thermostat. You can set the time at 60 minutes at 59V or 15 minutes at 61V. With its steel sheather, plat finned heating element, it does not take long to warm up so you can enjoy warmth in seconds.

+ Compact design

+ Budget friendly

No built-in thermostat

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2. Broan 112 Kickspace Fan-Forced Wall Heater with Built-In Thermostat

The Broan 112 heater can fit where no other heater can be put. You can install this product under your kitchen, bath cabinets, in the soffit area, or into the stair risers. This toe kick heater is factory wired 1500W at 240V AC and can be converted into 750W or 1500W at 120V. It allows for even heat distribution from the vertical louvers that are across the width  of the grille. It also has a built-in front-mounted thermostat which allows for simple heat control. 

The plate-finned heating element allows for a quick warm so you can experience comfortable heat in seconds. As a safety feature, the motor will shut off if your device starts to overheat. It is UL listed for safety. 

+ Fits in most places

+ Wall-mounted installation type


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3. Tpi Fan Forced Kick Space Specialty Heater

The TPI toe kick heater can fit under stair risers or under utility cabinets. It also has manual reset thermal cut-out. This is a great option for larger spaces with its extra-high power output. It is also a safe option and, given the price, a good model to look into. 

This model has sero-inch clearance which means there won’t be any gap between your furniture, the floor, and the heater. This helps maximize heating efficiency as well as does not take up any more space than it needs to. As an added feature, this heater prevents condensation which helps to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

+ Prevents condensation and mold

+ Efficient heating

+ Zero-inch clearance


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4. Cadet Perfectoe Electric Toe Kick Heater

This heater is know for its versatility and safety. This toe kick heater is durable, made of top-of-the-line commercial materials and involves low maintenance. It has a sleek design and a good performance that make it a great heater to invest in. You can get it in white or black depending on your preference and it does not have sharp edges, making it great for home with pets and children. 

The fan in this heater doesn’t make a lot of noise and it still operates with great efficiency. The grill is detachable making installation and service very easy. You can purchase additional items to enhance your experience with this heater such as a thermostat, enhanced coils, or a more powerful fan. This is a great option for hallways, stairwells, and kitchens.

+ 150 square feet heating

+ Easily fits under cabinets

+ Safety feature of high temperature shut-off

No built-in thermostat 

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5. King Electric Multi-Watt Kickspace Heater

The King electric toe kick heater is able to fit under your kitchen and bath cabinets. It has a NiChrome open coil element which allows for quick heat transfer. There are multiple wattage options which allows you to tailor heating requirements to match your preference. 

This toe kick heater has a squirrel cage blower and a dual wattage design. This unit cannot be mounted vertically and you will also need to purchase a thermostat. It’s dimensions are 3.5 x 14.25 x 8 inches.

+ Dual wattage design

+ Fits under kitchen and bath cabinets

 No built-in thermostat

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What To Consider Before Buying An Electric Toe Kick Heater


One of the first things you’ll need to think about is where you need and want to put your toe kick heater. Some are able to be put in many different locations giving you the option to move it around while others may be best suited in one area. Make sure you have the space for your heater. 


On a similar note to the space, you want to decide how big or small your toe kick heater needs to be. Larger heaters are going to be able to heat large spaces much faster than smaller ones. However, they are going to cost more and take up more space. So, really be sure that you find one that fits your space but also does its job well. 


Some toe kick heaters will have different features than others. For example, a built-in thermostat is not a feature you’ll find on all models. This feature allows you to choose the temperature the heater will stay at so you don’t have to worry about getting too hot. You will also want to look for safety features that will combat things such as overheating and fire prevention.

Types of Toe Kick Heaters

You will be able to find two different types of toe kick heaters: electric and hydronic. 


Electric toe kick heaters create heat by directly utilizing electric currents. These heaters have aluminum heating elements that are capable of converting electric energy into heat energy. 


Hydronic toe kick heaters create heat from a hot water system. In these heaters, hot water is pumped through copper coils, which, after they get hot, is able to transfer heat energy to the incoming air current. A fan then pushes the warm air out.

Wrapping Up

It is much better to enjoy the warmth in your home than shiver with cold feet. Consider getting a toe kick heater if you want heat coming from the smallest spaces in your house.