The 5 Best Electric Towel Warmers of 2021

Want to have a warm and pleasant Spa like experience? Get yourself an electric towel warmer and make every shower a spa day. Choose the best electric towel warmers available in the market from our list and have a pleasant start to your day.

1. Zadro TWB Electric Towel Warmer

Zadro offers a luxurious oversized bucket-style towel warmer, TWB Towel Warmer. Its ultra-large size bucket can hold up to two 40’’ x 70’’ oversized bath towels, robes, throw blankets, PJ’s and more. It’s equipped with the feature to set timer between four timer settings of 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. It heats the towel inside out evenly and no cold spot is left.

+ Heats evenly

+ Auto shut-off feature ensures safety

+ Built-in cord storage keeps the long cord completely hidden

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2. LiveFine Electric Towel Warmer

LiveFine Towel Warmer has an elegant and sleek design. This Large Bucket style luxury heater can fit up to two 40” x 70” oversized bath towels. It has a LED display to display the timer and exterior lights illuminate to show the device is ‘on’ and that the surface is hot.

+ Super chic design

+ Spacious heating compartment

+ Safety indicator lights

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3. Brandon Basics Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

Brandon Basics is a 190Watt fast-drying towel warmer. It is an efficient warmer with 12 bars and a garment hook. It comes with a built-in on/of timer and also has a LED indicator that shows if it is on/of. The cord length included with this device is 4ft 5in long.

+ Hard-wired included

+ IP56 rated

+ Comes with a detailed instruction manual

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4. Wellur – Towel Warmer Bucket

Wellur Towel Warmer Bucket can accommodate up to two oversized towels and also works great for robes and blankets. Like other warmers, it also comes with an inbuilt timer for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes of heating.

+ Light and easy to carry

+ In-built timer

Touching side-walls inside the warmer after use will burn the skin

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5. Romech Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

Romech Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet is a professional towel heater with a 4-Gallon capacity. It can heat up to 12 standard size hand towels. It comes in two types, single and double door cabinets. The cabinet automatically heats between 158-176°F in 30 min and maintains the temperature.

+ Rubber sealed doors keep moisture inside

+ Large capacity

+ Can also sanitize scissors and other tools

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Wrapping Up

Electric towel warmers are not just for warming the towels, they also dry your towel and protect it from getting stinky. A warm and clean towel gives you a fresh morning start. So choose the best option for you to have a great morning start.

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