The 3 Best Electric Turkey Fryers of 2022

It’s time to ditch the old school dunk-and-fry-on-an-open-cooker method and opt for electric turkey fryers. Why?

Turkey; the bird, not the country haha, is a crowd favourite, either as the highlight of a Thanksgiving dinner, the celebration of a special occasion or when you’re simply craving some tasty lean meat. Whatever the occasion may be, the importance of getting your turkey prepared with a hassle-free, burn-free method cannot be overstated. To do this, you need electric turkey fryers. They’re safe and efficient, and often have a thermostat control to prevent the oil from over-heating.

There’s no open flame or hot oil here so you’re not likely to burn yourself with hot oil splashes. What’s more? They add aesthetic value to your kitchen; imagine a sleek shiny electric turkey fryer sitting pretty on your kitchen counter. But how do you know which ones suits your needs, and kitchen, best?

To this end, we have compiled a list of topnotch electric turkey fryers you should totally check out, and buy.

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1. Cuisinart CDF-500 Extra-Large Rotisserie Fryer and Steamer

Cuisineart Best Electric Turkey Fryer

The Cuisinart CDF-500 is a sleek-looking stainless steel gadget that’s designed to be compact and user-friendly. This electric turkey fryer features a 20-minute timer, adjustable temperature control and a large stainless mesh basket with cool-touch handle. It has a rotisserie function that uses less oil than an ordinary turkey fryer.

+ Versatile and multifunctional with two cooking settings of frying and steaming

+ High-cooking performance

+ Its compact design allows to fit easily into provided space

Smaller capacity; may not be ideal for large-sized poultry

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2. Masterbuilt MB200112420 Butterball Indoor Electric Fryer

Masterbuilt MB200112420 Butterball Indoor best Electric Fryer

This electric fryer is a particular fave of deep-fried turkey, thanks to its one-of-a-kind design that is engineered to keep you safe. It features a cooking basket and lifting hook for safe food management. Its stainless steel fryer and porcelain-coated inner pot keeps oil safely contained while using only two-thirds of the quantity of oil used by regular fryers.

What’s more, the Masterbuilt brand comes with a Butterball collection that includes marinades and spices along with cooking accessories to help you prepare the tastiest turkey you’ve ever eaten.

+ It features a drain valve and a removable hinged lid for easy cleaning

+ This XL version is large enough to accommodate a thanksgiving-sized–up to a 20-pound–turkey

+ It is versatile and can be used to boil seafood or steam vegetables

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3. Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

The last, but definitely not the least, is the Bayou Classic. This electric turkey fryer was listed the best overall turkey fryer in 2020 by Good Institute Kitchen Appliance Lab and that’s no surprise, considering the fact that its efficiency transcends those of an average electric turkey fryer.

This “dame of the kitchen” has a generous capacity to fry large-sized poultry in less time. Hence, it is ideal for outdoors large-scale entertaining and family meals. It includes a perforated basket which makes it a multi-purpose stockpot for boiling, steaming or even brewing, whatever the occasion may demand.

+ Can be used for outdoors cooking

+ Large-sized and multifunctional

Its unconventional barrel-like design may not be appealing

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Wrapping Up

In all, when choosing your electric turkey fryer, be ready to pay the price for good value, particularly if you’re interested in the multifunctional fryers. However, if you just want a top-quality fryer solely for frying purposes, then you can go basic ones that go for less than 50$.

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