The 5 Best Electric Ukuleles of 2021

Did you know, the ukulele was first introduced in Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants from Madeira? Like all other string instruments, it comes in an electric version, too! Sounds cool, right? The electric ukulele, much like its acoustic counterpart, comes in 4 different types – a soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. With the general consensus being that they are a lot easier to learn than most other string instruments, why not pick up a new hobby in your spare time? To aid in your endeavor, here’s some of the best electric ukuleles available on the market now.

1. Vangoa Soprano Beginner Kit

The Vangoa Soprano Ukulele is a 21-inch electro-acoustic ukulele made of high-quality mahogany. It comes with a padded carry bag, a tuner, a capo, 3 picks, and extra strings set, a strap and a study manual. This is one of the best models for beginners who have just started learning!

+ Comes with all the necessary accessories

+ Easy to tune and play

+ Built-in pickup

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2. Oscar Schmidt OU2E Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt OU2E is a concert acoustic-electric ukulele. It comes with a tuner, a polishing cloth, a DVD for beginners, and even a nifty gig bag! It has a nice, clean look that’s easy on the eyes. Overall, this is a no-frills, reliable instrument.

+ Well made

+ Comes with a free Austin Bazzar DVD

+ Elegant look

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3. Caramel CT904 Ebony Tenor

The Caramel CT904 Ebony is a 26-inch tenor electric ukulele. It’s embedded with a built-in 3 band EQ tuner and LED Display. The pack includes a extra set of strings, a gig bag, 3 guitar picks, a cleaning cloth ,a wall hanger, a strap (with pegs), 2 bridge pins ,a metal nail drawer and an EQ cable.

+ Made of ebony

+ Textured wood design

+ Smooth fret-board

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4. Caramel CB207 Acacia Baritone Acoustic Electric Ukulele

The Caramel CB207 is a baritone acoustic electric ukulele with an adjustable truss rod. Its body is made up of acacia wood which gives it a nice look and a cool ambience for a beach performance. It comes with a extra set G-C-E-A strings, gig bag (12mm padded, made of 300D 6CD polyester yarn), 3 guitar picks, a cleaning cloth , wall hanger, strap(with pegs), 2 bridge pins, a metal nail drawerand a EQ cable. The most interesting part of this ukulele is its soundhole is completely hand made which is not only beautiful but one of a kind.

+ A very good quality product

+ Adjustable truss rod

+ Gives a very aesthetic and vintage vibe

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5. Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Luna Tattoo is a Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele. Like the name suggest it has a beautiful traditional Hawaiian tattoo design on it. Secondly, its body is madeup of Mahogony wood while the fretboard and bridge is madeup of walnut. It comes with a gig bag.

+ Traditional look

+ Good Quality Product

Doesn’t come with most of the needed accessories

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Wrapping Up

The four most common type of ukulele according to the respective sizes are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone in ascending order. Soprano is said to be the easiest one to learn for the beginner. We have listed all the four types of the best electric ukuleles above. Hope over review helped you get the best one.

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