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The 5 Best Electric Violins of 2021

Elegant and versatile as it looks, the acoustic violin sounds equally powerful and eloquent. But with the advent of its electric counterpart, many have chosen to dabble in and professionally play the electric violin. If you are amongst those, ecstatic to explore its beautiful expressive sound and creative features, you have stumbled upon the right page.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best electric violins of 2021 that excel in more than just meeting your expectations. So, lets begin!

1. Cecilio CEVN-2NA

Best Electric Violin

Making it to our top 5 list is the Cecilio CEVN-2NA, which is a great electric violin for performers of all levels. And what’s better, is It comes in a package to equip you with all the gear you would need as a beginner.

+ Great build with solid maple wood body

+ Includes case, bow, rosin, bridge, aux cable, and headphones

+ 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects

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2. Cecilio CEVN-1BL

Best Electric Violin

We couldn’t resist putting another Cecilio violin on the list. It’s a fine first violin for beginners who wish to explore the world of electric violins. Available in different sizes, this out of the box violin can be used by youngsters and adults alike.

+ Available in a range of colours

+ Affordable instrument for a quiet practice

+ Includes case, bow, quality rosin, bridge, aux cable, and headphones

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3. Yamaha YEV105NT

Yamaha YEV105NT

A stunning violin with a classic look, the Yamaha YEV105NT fuses design with light weight for comfort and ease in playing. Known for its clean sound, the 6 different wood types it exhibits adds to its natural and resonant sound.

+ No preamps, headphones or batteries required.

+ Its 5 strings gives the ability to play the lower octaves delivering a deep sound

+ Well set-up and easy to play

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4. Stagg EVN

Stagg EVN

One of the best silent violins, Stagg is a trustable brand name often recommended by electric violinists and instructors. It has a solid body made of maple and consisting of 4 fine tuners. And what’s more? With its affordable price, you can increase your practice hours without having to disturb your neighbours!

+ 2-Band EQ & Volume

+ Very good frequency range

+ Good quality in a reasonable price

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5. Barcus Berry (BAR-AEBK)

Barcus Berry (BAR-AEBK)

Want the benefits of both an acoustic and electric guitar? Then the BAR-AEBK Barcus Berry electric violin is the right fit for you. Though it carries a heavy price tag, it’s a reliable instrument worth every penny. It is one of the highest quality electric violins available in the market which delivers great performances for years.

+ Carefully hand crafted with the best quality materials

+ Includes Barcus Berry case, Fiberglass Bow, and a high quality Rosin

+ Can work both as an electric and acoustic violin

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Wrapping Up

Whether you are a performing violinist or a passionate beginner, finding the perfect instrument that fits your expectations can be quite a task. But worry not, our list of the 5 best electric violins of 2021 will indubitably provide you with the best options for every need. We hope our selection of the best electric violins has helped you move forward in your electric violin journey.

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