The 5 Best External Hard Drives of 2021

External hard drives are portable devices that are used to store files, music, videos and games, and any other thing you desire to use them to store. They are plugged into your PC by means of a USB cable and through this you can transfer files and other data into them. External hard drives are a way of clearing up space on your computer’s internal storage, so that it would not be weighed down by data. We have combed through the internet and therefore bring the list to choose the best external hard drive of 2021.

1. Seagate Expansion Desktop (STEB10000400)

This Seagate Expansion Desktop comes with a whooping size of 10TB, helping you to preserve thousands of files, songs, movies and photos that are weighing your PC down. Also, included in the package are a USB 3.0 cable and an 18W power adapter so that you can start using it right out of the box.

+ Massive capacity

+ 1 year limited warranty

+ 1 year rescue data recovery services

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2. WD_Black D10

The WD_Black D10 External Hard Drive comes with a capacity of 8TB that can store up to 200 games so that you no longer have to worry about lack of space. A 7200 RPM with speed of up to 250MB/s ensures that you enjoy limitless game play. Moreover, it is specially built for gamers and can stand either vertically or horizontally to optimize gaming set-up.

+ 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

+ Equipped with two 7.5W USB type-a charging ports

+ In-built active cooling technology

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3. Seagate (STEA4000402) External Hard Drive

The Seagate External Hard Drive comes with a storage of 4TB, making it possible for Xbox to hold up to 100 and more games. The drive works with all Xbox One consoles, and does not need a power cable. Furthermore, it comes with a USB 3.0 cable with which you will connect to consoles and enjoy a wonderful gaming experience.

+ Classic green design

+ Zero lag

+ Compact size

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4. Toshiba Canvio Basics External Hard Drive

The Toshiba Canvio Basics has a large capacity of 4TB that enables you to store your photos, videos, songs and files so that your PC would not be weighed down. Also, you do not have to fear losing them because of lack of space as the hard drive makes it easy and convenient for you to preserve your files. An external power cord is not needed for the hard drive to function. In addition, no installation of software is necessary for the use of the hard drive.

+ 1 year standard limited warranty

+ Compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 technology

+ Sleek, matte-black design with smudge resistant finish

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5. Maxone Ultra Slim Portable Hard Drive

The Maxone External Hard Drive comes with a storage capacity of 500GB and is powered by USB 3.O technology. It is ultra slim, compact and lightweight making it easy for you to slip it into your backpack and carry it around. Moreover, an all-aluminum anti-scratch model ensures durability. It does not need an external power supply or software installation in order to start working. Included in the package is a USB 3.0 cable.

+ 3-year manufacturer warranty with free technical support service

+ Comes in a variety of gold, rose pink and charcoal grey colors

+ Sturdy metal design

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Wrapping Up

The 5 best external hard drives of 2021 come with huge storage capacity that will help you to preserve your data without the fear of having to delete them so that you can save space. We recommend that you get at least one of these to ensure a smooth experience when making use of your PC without having to worry about lack of space.

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