The 5 Best Folding Electric Bikes of 2021

Electric bikes and especially folding electric bikes were once a highly far fetched reality. With the world’s growing needs, electric bikes are gradually increasing in variety, number, and overall popularity. From heavy, bulky and costly machines, electric bikes have now transitioned to foldable, sleek, slim, powerful, feature-rich, and sometimes even innovative! Folding electric bikes further extend the already growing usefulness of electric bikes through their portable travel-friendly nature! Read our list and choose the best folding electric bike for you!

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1. Eahora X5 Plus 750W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle

Eahora’s X5 Plus folding electric bicycle is worth all the hype! A hi-tech bike with helpful functionality is a deal hard to leave. Eahora’s bike features a powerful motor powered by Samsung’s lithium-ion batteries. Apart from which a foldable pair of pedals and terrain tires.leaving no room for criticism. They focus on safety and convenience with hydraulic brakes, an auto-sensing back-lit LCD display, an LED headlight.

+ Powerful engine

+ All-terrain tires

+ Removable Samsung lithium-ion batteries

+ Intelligent back-lit LCD display

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2. Sailnovo 14” Folding E-Bike

Sailnovo brings you reliability and functionality. Sailnovo’s bike is powered by a tremendous 350W motor and enforces safety with dual disc braking systems. To keep you on the go, Sailnovo’s electric motorcycle is driven by a rechargeable battery. It is accompanied by features such as Handlebar controls, bright LED and tail lights. A bonus for you – the taillights remain on, and there are auto flashing lights during breaks!

+ Powerful motor

+ Removable lithium-ion batteries

+ auto flashing lights when breaking

+ Waterproof battery and motor

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3. Ancheer Folding E-Bike Scooter

Ancheer’s electric folding bike is definitely money’s worth. It is a rare amalgamation that is smart yet functional. With app powered sensing and fueled by a powerful motor accompanied by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you shall always be on the move! Do not worry, “with great power comes great responsibility” . This electric bike has anti-slip rubber wheels, dual disc brakes, battery protection and is waterproof. This folding electric bike really provides a bang for your buck!

+ Smart app control

+ Self-check

+ Safety – IPX5 waterproof

+ Anti-slip wheels

 Not suitable for slopes or uphill travel

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4. Gotrax Electric Bike

Gotrax’s folding electric bike nails a balanced set of features that are useful rather than fancy. This bike is a mix of simplicity, functionality and style. Their folding electric bike features a powerful 350W motor driven by a rechargeable battery with a fancy LED display and Handlebar controls. To ensure safety Gotrax introduced rear suspension, dual disc breaks and a LED front light. Thus Gotrax’s folding electric bike provides excellent features for varied use.

+ Lightweight

+ Dual travel modes – electric charge and pedal assist

+ Low power consumption

+ Easy to use controls

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5. Gyroor Bike for Adults

Gyroor’s folding electric bike is truly worth purchasing. It brings the perfect set of features. Gyroor’s folding electric bike features a high powered 450W motor powered by a rechargeable battery driven by pneumatic tires. Safety should be your least concern with Gyroor you’re protected by disc breaks, EABS, head and tail light accompanied by adjustable speed modes! Further convenience and mobility is ensured with a unique ultra portable wheel design.

+ Ultra portable

+ Speed modes

+ Powerful motor

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Wrapping Up

The best folding electric bike, according to us, is Eahora X5 Plus. Finally, you have reached the end of our guide! We hope to have provided you with the necessary guidance and insight to purchase the perfect bike suitable to your needs! We further hope you found this guide’s quality worth your time and will check our site below, covering a wide variety of topics! 

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