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The 5 Best Hand Crank Chargers of 2023

The purpose of a hand crank charger is not to fully charge the product but to get enough charge in the battery to run the radio for weather announcements or charge a phone enough to make a call. Yet, nowadays, hand-crank chargers have other power sources to have plenty of power in case of emergencies or if you are somewhere without a power plug. We have compiled for you the 5 best hand crank chargers; from the perfect one for a camping trip to a potential lifesaver in case of an emergency.

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What to Consider Before Buying a Hand Crank Charger

Before purchasing a hand crank charger, you want to think about a couple of things.


To be quite frank, these chargers require some work. If you’re wanting your phone or tablet to be at a full charge, you’ll have to prepare for some real time spent cranking or, at the very least, expect to drop a hefty dollar to buy one with a larger battery capacity. 

It is common to expect a device to need to crank for about 10 minutes just to make emergency calls. Some devices do require less, but just remember that you get what you pay for. 


One of the most important features of your hand crank charger is going to be the battery and how long your device will last. The battery capacity will be in mAh, and the higher the mAh rating is, the longer the device will last on a simple charge. 


You will mostly want to look for a high-efficiency conversion, meaning you get to save some time but probably not money. The higher the conversion is, the less you’re going to have to crank, and, likely, the more you’re going to have to spend.


Ensure that the hand crank charger you are considering is compatible with the devices you want to charge. Check the charging ports and the voltage of the charger to ensure it matches your devices.

Charging Speed

Look for a hand crank charger with a fast charging speed to save you time.


If you plan to use the hand crank charger for outdoor activities, consider its size, weight, and portability.


Look for a hand crank charger made with high-quality materials and has a durable construction to withstand wear and tear.

Solar charging capability

Consider a hand crank charger with a built-in solar panel to charge the battery in case of low sunlight.

Multiple charging options

Consider a hand crank charger with multiple charging options such as hand cranking, solar charging, and wall charging.

LED indicator lights

Look for a hand crank charger with LED indicator lights that show the battery level and charging status.

Types of Hand Crank Chargers

Here are some common types of hand crank chargers:

Handheld crank charger

This is the simplest and most common type of hand crank charger. It usually has a small crank handle attached to a small generator that produces electricity when cranked. It’s portable and can be used to charge small devices like smartphones, MP3 players, and flashlights.

Solar and hand crank charger

This type of charger combines both solar and hand crank power. It has a built-in solar panel that charges the device’s battery when exposed to sunlight, and a hand crank that can be used as a backup option in case of low sunlight. This type of charger is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

Multi-functional hand crank charger

This is a versatile type of hand crank charger that has multiple charging options. It can be powered by hand cranking, solar energy, or electricity from a wall outlet. It also has multiple charging ports that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. This type of charger is suitable for emergencies and power outages.

Dynamo flashlight and charger

This type of charger is a combination of a hand crank charger and a flashlight. It can be used as a flashlight, and when the battery is low, it can be recharged by hand cranking. It’s ideal for outdoor activities and emergencies.

Hand crank radio and charger

This is a hand crank charger that also functions as a radio. It has a built-in radio receiver that can be used to receive AM/FM and weather band channels. It’s powered by hand cranking, and it can also charge small electronic devices. This type of charger is suitable for emergencies and outdoor activities.

Extra Hand Crank Charger Features to Consider

Here are 5 interesting features that hand crank chargers might have that others might not think about:

Emergency siren

Some hand crank chargers have an emergency siren that can be used in case of an emergency. This can be useful for attracting attention or alerting others in a crisis situation.

LED flashlight with different modes

Many hand crank chargers come with a built-in LED flashlight, but some have different modes, such as high and low beam, strobe light, and SOS mode, which can be useful in different scenarios.

Hand warmer

Some hand crank chargers have a hand warmer feature, which can be useful in cold weather. This feature can keep your hands warm while you’re cranking the charger, making it more comfortable to use.

FM radio receiver

Some hand crank chargers come with an FM radio receiver, allowing you to listen to your favorite stations while on the go.

Water-resistant or waterproof

Some hand crank chargers are designed to be water-resistant or waterproof, which can be useful for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or boating. These chargers can withstand rain, splashes, and even submersion in water, ensuring they continue to work even in wet conditions.

The 5 Best Hand Crank Chargers

1. RunningSnail Hand Crank Cell Phone Charger

best hand crank charger

This large-capacity power bank can quickly charge three devices simultaneously. It’s perfect for carrying around, allowing you to keep mobile devices fully charged anytime and anywhere. The portable power station built-in strong LED flashlight provides long run times and an SOS model to help you send emergency signaling. I. The portable power station can charge almost all USB devices at full speed. With iPhone 12 / 11 / Xs / XR, you can quickly charge from 0% to 50% or more in 30 minutes.

This device has powerful lighting functions including a 3 mode flashlight and a motion sensing lamp. The farthest lighting range is more than 10m.

There are four charging modes: 18650 Li-ion battery, Micro USB, solar charge, and hand-crank. This device also allows you to get the latest weather broadcasts and alerts you of hazardous weather conditions in your area.

+ 4 power modes

+ Emergency features

+ Powerful 3 mode flashlight

The crank is a little awkward to use

Get it at Amazon for $35.90

2. Eton Ultimate Camping AM/FM/NOAA Radio

best hand crank phone charger

This rugged and reliable hand-crank charger is perfect for a weekend away from the city. It doubles as a weather alert radio that also features solar-powered charging & Bluetooth technology, meaning that you can stream music while charging your device. This hand crank charger also has a built-in lithium battery that is easily rechargeable via solar power or a hand crank power generator. It also has a radio equipped with emergency features and a bright LED flashlight.

The radio receives AM/FM, NOAA, and SAME signals and features a red emergency beacon and an ambient light with a dimmer. This charger is not waterproof, but by keeping it in a clear bag, or a safe pocket in your bag will still allow you to hear it quite well. 

Despite its capabilities, you may be able to find a better alternative given the price, including others made by the same company. To buy this charger with the  weather radio is nearly double the price compared to just buying the radio, so be sure of what you want and need before committing to a purchase

+ Bluetooth speakers

+ Emergency features

+ Three power sources

+ Crank the hand turbine for four minutes and you’ll produce enough power for 10-15 minutes of music, news and weather or one minute of talk time

One of the more expensive chargers

Get it at Amazon for $92.76

3. FosPower 2000mAh NOAA Emergency Weather Radio (Model A1)

FosPower 2000mAh NOAA Emergency Weather Radio (Model A1)

FosPower’s emergency radio incorporates a power bank capable of providing emergency power to any small tablet or phone. It also has three power sources; solar, crank, and AAA batteries. The emergency crank radio can also provide light bright enough for emergencies. The radio will surely receive up to one second emergency weather forecast and emergency news broadcasts from NOAA and AM/FM stations.

The solar panels are not the best option, but this is a cheaper device, so this isn’t a big deal considering. Cranking for 3-5 minutes will give you about a 2% charge on your phone. Don’t expect a full charge on the solar panel, but it will run the radio. 

One of the great things about this device is that it has a one-watt flashlight as well as a 4 LED reading light. While most devices only have one light source, this one has two. It’s also beneficial that it is water-resistant with an IPX-3 rating.

+ Limited lifetime warranty

+ Emergency features

+ Three power sources

Only one charging micro USB port

Get it at Amazon for $31.99

4. Midland – ER310 Emergency Compact Crank Weather AM/FM Radio

Midland - ER210 Emergency Compact Crank Weather AM/FM Radio

This hand crank features three sustainable power sources to recharge your radio: solar panel, hand crank, & the rechargeable battery. The replaceable lithium-ion battery ensures up to 25 hours of radio operation. With this hand crank, you can quickly charge your portable devices while also providing safety features. It contains an SOS flashlight and an NOAA weather scan which allows you to scan through available weather channels. It will also sound an alarm if there is an imminent risk or danger concerning severe weather in your area.

This device actually offers pretty good reception and flashlight. It reportedly has effective charging through solar power or cranking. The loud and bright emergency notifications are a great added bonus. 

The ER310 is comfortable to carry and easy to grab in a hurry. About one minute of cranking will give you 10 minutes of flashlight use or radio time and, because it is a durable device, can last through a drop on a hard surface and rainy weather

+ 3 Power sources

+ Emergency features

Cannot store radio stations

Get it at Amazon for $91.00

5. Eton American Red Cross Crank-Powered Clipray Clip-On Flashlight & Smartphone Charger

Eton American Red Cross Crank

If you are looking for a simple hand-cranked charger, then this might be up your aisle. It has a simple and portable design, making it a charger perfect for trips. It is awesome for emergency kits or outdoor activities. The hand-powered Clipray insures that you’ve always got light and power to power up your smartphone, no batteries are needed.

This charger is great to ensure you can make a call or shoot out a couple of text messages in an emergency. As a bonus it makes a distinct noise so you always know when it is charging. 

It is compatible with Samsungs, HTC, iPhones, and most cellular devices and with a clip to attach to your backpack or gear, it is a great portable charger and it doubles as a flashlight with 3 LED bulbs to provide a decent amount of light.

+ Portable and easy to use

+ Super cheap

+ Crank for 1 minute to produce enough power for 10 minutes of light

Have to charge flashlight by hand crank

Get it at Amazon for $9.99

Frequently Asked Questions

How long would it take to charge your phone with a hand crank?

Typically, about 10 minutes of cranking will give you a charge of about 2%.

How do you use a hand crank charger?

You simply need to connect your device to the charger using the USB cable and crank the charger until you see your phone’s battery go up to where you want or need it.

How does turning the crank generate electricity?

Hand cranks are gear motors. Simply put, there are heavy coils and magnets inside of them. When the coil turns next to the magnets, electricity is created.

Can I charge multiple devices simultaneously with a hand crank charger?

Yes, many hand crank chargers come with multiple charging ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time. However, charging multiple devices at once can reduce the charging speed and drain the battery of the hand crank charger faster.

How long can a hand crank charger hold its charge?

The battery capacity and standby time of hand crank chargers vary depending on the model and usage. Some hand crank chargers can hold their charge for several days, while others might require frequent cranking or recharging after a few hours of use.

Is it safe to hand crank charge my device?

Yes, hand crank charging is a safe and reliable method of charging devices. However, be mindful of the charging ports and voltage of the hand crank charger to avoid damaging your devices.

Can I use a hand crank charger to charge non-electronic devices, such as batteries?

Yes, some hand crank chargers come with additional ports or adapters that allow you to charge non-electronic devices such as batteries. However, ensure that the voltage and charging capacity of the hand crank charger are compatible with the battery or device you want to charge.

Wrapping Up

In this list, you can find hand-crank chargers for all types of situations. Whether you keep it for an emergency or camping trips, we hope you can find the perfect match for you.