The 5 Best Headlamps of 2021

Are you an adventure enthusiast looking to explore the great outdoors at night? Or do you work in a field which requires intricate precision work and needs your workspace to be well lit up? Then look no further. The headlamp is an exceptional tool which will help you out with all these issues. Take a look at the 5 best headlamps of 2021.

1. Petzl – Actik Core Headlamp

This headlamp is lightweight but powerful and is built to withstand any rough activity. Optimal for a variety of activities from running, cycling, hiking and backpacking.

+ Has three brightness levels and two beam patterns to meet your outdoor lighting needs. It provides nearly 350 lumen of light power.

+ Features a burn time of 160 hours. It is sure to keep you lit up for a longer time.

+ Rechargeable battery. It has red lighting for night vision and a reflective headband. It comes with an emergency whistle for rescue situations. Five year guarantee to ensure longevity.

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2. Ledlenser H5R Rechargeable Headlamp

The Ledlenser headlamp is compact yet powerful. It has a tough and agile body designed for everyday use.

+ It consists of two power modes. The high power for everyday situations and low power for reading or working indoors.

+ Its extra brightness boost is great coupled with its advanced light focus system. Tiltable head to focus light where you need it most.

+ Battery status indicator to check leftover battery charge along with a magnetic charging cable. Thereby making it very versatile.

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3. BioLite HeadLight

The BioLite headlight is extremely dynamic and can transform into a lantern. Features a variety of light modes. Moisture absorbing fabric of the band keeps you dry.

+ Tiltable front panel so you can adjust the light according to your needs. Waterproof, thus making it reliable.

+ USB rechargeability so you do not have to carry around batteries.

+ SlimFit technology so the light seamlessly merges into the band. Thus ensuring a snug fit.

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4. Coast XPH30R Headlamp

The Coast headlamp features a detachable light which can also function as an independent flashlight. This light can affix to any magnetic surface as well.

+ Turbo mode providing lighting up to 1000 lumen.

+ Has a spot beam and flood beam which can be alternated with a rolling knob.

+ Four lighting modes are available. Works on rechargeable battery or you can use alkaline batteries as well.

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5. Energizer LED Headlamp

This headlamp boasts a shatterproof lens and sturdy body.

+ Seven modes of lighting. So it can be used in a variety of places and situations.

+ Water resistance with splash proofing. Thus making it last longer.

+ Long lasting and effective usage is guaranteed with a run time of 50 hours in low lighting mode.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, there are a variety of headlamps which are versatile and durable. Do go over the list of attributes carefully while choosing the one best suited to your needs. If you still have trouble picking one out, we recommend the Petzl – Actik Core headlamp. It will be a great addition to your toolkit.

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