The 5 Best Ice Makers of 2021

Whether you are someone who relishes summer drinks like iced coffee, lemonade and soda; or someone who owns an ice-cream shop, restaurant or a food truck, a good ice maker is something you should invest in.
There are two types of ice makers – countertop and under-counter.
The countertop ice maker is compact and is helpful if you have limited space. On the other hand, the under-counter ice maker is bulkier and is used for commercial needs. Here are 5 best ice makers of this year:

1. Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine

When it comes to ice makers, Euhomy is one of the premium names in the industry. This ice maker can make up to 40lbs of ice in 24 hours. It can make ice cubes in different sizes, a feature provided by very few ice makers. So get ready for refreshing Mojitos with ice nuggets!
This machine has an efficient and quiet cooling system. In addition, it is equipped with a recycling system that collects melted water and filters it for reuse, ensuring minimum water wastage.
The Euhomy ice maker comes with a removable tray and an ice shovel.

+ High Efficiency

+ Portable

+ Automatic Cleaning Function

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2. Igloo ICEB26BK Ice Maker

This countertop ice maker makes ice in 7 minutes, i.e. 26lbs of ice in a day. It has a water tank capacity of 3 quarts and a storage capacity of 2lbs. It has a simple control panel that allows you to operate the ice maker with ease. The Igloo countertop ice maker comes with a removable ice basket and a large ice scoop.

+ Fast Ice Making

+ Smart Digital Panel

+ Portable

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3. Magic Chef Countertop Ice Maker

This lightweight ice maker can make ice in two sizes and takes about 7 minutes to get started. It can make 9 ice cubes per cycle, which is approximately 27lbs in 24 hours. At the top, there is a see-through window and a digital control panel that lets you know when to empty the storage bin.

+ Compact and Lightweight

+ Less Noise

+ Exterior Drain

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4. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine

This top-notch under counter ice maker from Euhomy is perfect for your business needs. This machine can produce up to 100lbs of ice per day and has a storage capacity of 33lbs. The Euhomy commercial ice maker comes with a copper-plated ice tray that prevents corrosion and rust, ensuring the safety and hygiene of ice cubes. The adjustable design of the foot allows you to change the height of the machine according to your needs. The LCD control panel is easy to use; it reminds you of the temperature of the surroundings, thereby ensuring the efficiency of ice making.

+ Energy Efficient

+ ETL Certification

+ Three Ice Cube Sizes

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5. Vevor Commercial Ice Maker

The Vevor 110V under counter ice maker has a powerful compressor and can make up to 80lbs of ice per day, taking about 8 minutes to do so. It is equipped with a six-sided cyclopentane foam layer which ensures better insulation and prevents the ice from melting. The interior of the ice maker has a 2.5mm food-grade PP injection liner which provides impact resistance.
This product comes with ice scoops, a water supply hose and a water draining hose.

+ Durable and Sturdy

+ In-Built Water Filter

+ 30-Day Return Policy and Lifetime Technical Support

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Wrapping Up

A cold drink can help you unwind after a tiresome day at work. So don’t let not having ice spoil your well-deserved refreshment. Countertop ice makers are perfect for home use. They are light, compact and do not need a water line. However, if you are a cafe/bar owner, you might require more ice, and hence you should opt for under-counter ice makers. These machines produce about 300 pounds of ice at a time. In addition, they have a storage bin where ice gets collected, ensuring a steady supply of ice.

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