The 6 Best iPhone Charger Cables of 2021

Charger cables are wires that are used to transmit electricity from a power outlet to a device. They could also be used to transfer data from one device to another. iPhone charger cables are no different, except that they are designed specifically for Apple products. Perhaps, you have suffered from the fate of buying a charger cable and it getting spoilt after a short while. Or maybe you’re tired of going through one charger cable after another for your iPhone. You desire to find a charger cable that would last you for years to come. Then you’ve clicked on the right website. After scouring the internet for the best charger cables, we present to you the 6 best iPhone charger cables of 2021.

1. Lisen iPhone Charger Cable

The Lisen iPhone Charger cable is made with a special SR joint that makes it last 30 times longer than a traditional iPhone cable. With an upgraded 3D aluminum connector and laser welding technology, you can be sure that the metal part of your cable won’t break off. Furthermore, the cable contains a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by the official agency to ensure 100% compatibility with any lightning device. The cable is 10 feet long, thereby making it possible for you to charge your device with comfort.

+ 40000+ bend test without rupturing

+ Sticky buckles to keep cable organized when not in use

+ Ultra-durable nylon braided design

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2. Takagi Cable

The Takagi iPhone Charger come with 2 cables that are 6 feet long. Imbedded within these cords are high-quality wires which ensure an effortless charging experience. These cables have a 2-in-1 function, that is, they sync and charge simultaneously with your devices. Also, they are packaged with a nylon braided jacket that makes them smoother and more durable than a traditional phone cable.

+ 18-month warranty and 30-day refund guarantee

+ Anti-resistant aluminum alloy connectors

+ Durable and tangle-free

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3. Small Electric iPhone Charger Cable

The Small Electric iPhone Charger is packaged with 3 cables that are 10 feet long which ensures comfortability while you’re charging your device. These cords are made with a strong Teflon core structure, toughened aramid fiber core (Kevlar) and laser-wielded connectors that produce long-lasting wires.

+ Gold plating technology

+ Durable

+ High speed charge and sync

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4. Feel2Nice iPhone Cable

The Feel2Nice iPhone Charger have 3 cables that are 10 feet long which ensures that you won’t have to be stuck to the wall socket while charging your devices. A maximum charging current of 2.4A and data transmission of 480 Mbps brings about fast charging and speedy transfer for your devices. In addition, the cables are made with anti-resistant aluminum alloy connectors and tinned copper core that guarantee a smooth connection to your devices.

+ 10000+ bend lifespan

+ High toughness PVC

+ Durable

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5. Cyven Smart iPhone Charger Cable

The Cyven Smart iPhone Charger comes with 2 cables which have an upgraded zinc alloy and SR joint design that makes them more durable. The cords are 10 feet long, and this ensures that you can move about and still charge your device with ease. These cords can withstand repeated bending and pulling without breaking, after being tested 10,000 times by the manufacturer.

+ Laser welding technology

+ Nylon tangle free design

+ Damage resistant connectors

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6. Oiith Charger Cable

The Oiith iPhone charger comes with 3 cables, all of them 6 feet long. It has an upgraded intelligent chip installed so you can enjoy fast charge and data sync simultaneously. The 6 foot long cables allow you to charge your iPhone, iPod and iPad without having to perch yourself precariously on a particular spot. The cables are made to be flexible so that you can bend them without worrying about rupture. A premium iPhone connector and copper core wire maximizes signal quality and increases durability.

+ Reinforced TPE coating

+ Tangle-free design

+ Durable

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Wrapping Up

The 6 best iPhone charger cables of 2021 will serve you well, no matter the one you decide to pick. These cables are not lesser than 6 feet in length, so you do not have to stay fixed to a spot while charging your phone. You can stretch out on your bed or plug it in at work and still make use of your phone without worrying about the cable snapping. Also, these cables have undergone bending tests by the manufacturer, up to ten thousand times, so you can be assured that they are flexible and would not fray after a while.

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