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The 5 Best Jobsite Radios of 2022

We all know and love portable speakers – however, not all of them are suitable for the rough and rugged environment of a jobsite. In the following, we are going to look at five of the best jobsite radios currently available and what makes them so great!

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If you have worked on a jobsite, you have worked with DeWalt. Now, the household name also offers a speaker to go with its other high-end equipment.

+ Household brand

+ Protective roll cage

+ Best-reviewed on Amazon

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2. Milwaukee 2951-20 M12

Milwaukee is a close competitor of DeWalt, so it makes sense for them to keep pace with jobsite radios too. In fact, the 2951-20 M12 is one of several models offered by Milwaukee and a good choice if you are looking for a more compact alternative.

+ Light weight and compact

+ Options for hanging-up device

+ Sleek design

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3. Bosch PB360C

If you trust German engineering above all else, the Bosch PB360C is for you. This speaker/radio is the perfect addition for anyone already a fan of the brand.

+ Four-way speaker

+ Aluminum roll cage

+ Connectivity to power tools

Pragmatic, rather than aesthetic, design

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4. Ryobi P742 One+

The Ryobi P742 One+ reflects the lower end of the market segment, but still shows excellent ratings! If you are looking for a particularly cheap and compact jobsite radio, this one is for you.

+ Much cheaper than most alternatives

+ Straightforward design and functions

No noteworthy extra features

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The PORTER-CABLE PCC771B is what you might consider the “middle-of-the-road” alternative of the bunch, offering a nice mix of size and heftiness, while still remaining affordable.

+ Durable, no-frills design

+ Sometimes available for sale

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Wrapping Up

Whatever your preference may be, if you want to enjoy your favorite music, podcast or radio during work, one of the options above is bound to be the one for you. Both hobbyists and experienced construction workers can be sure to find what they are looking for.

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