The 5 Best Leaf Vacuums of 2021

Do you spend hours trying to keep your patios and walkways leaf free during the fall season? Do the fallen leaves create a mess and leave stains when stepped on? Then look no further. The leaf vacuum is sure to solve all of your problems. It also does a quicker job as compared to other gardening tools. Do take a look at the 5 best leaf vacuums of this year.

1. WORX Cordless Leaf Vacuum

The WORX leaf vacuum is equipped with an extremely powerful and reliable high performance motor.

+ It features TURBINE technology which uses high power engines to achieve high airflow. So you can clear your yard more efficiently.

+ Three speed options available. Plus it has a turbo boost feature for tasks requiring extra power.

+ One handed operation with wide air flow ensures that larger spaces are covered quickly. Thus ensuring fast and smooth operation.

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2. BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum

This vacuum is powerful and has an anti-clogging fan system to prevent blockages. It is also completely electronic with no adverse emissions. Thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

+ Two speed control to choose from.

+ Three in one operation. It has a blower, mulcher and vacuum so that you can accomplish more tasks easily.

+ Very quiet operation. 50% less noise compared to earlier models.

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3. WEMARS Leaf Vacuum

The Wemars Leaf vacuum is lightweight and cordless with a strong engine. Equipped with a removable double length tube for ease of operation.

+ Comfortable grip design aimed to reduce fatigue. Less sound and free from environmentally harmful emissions.

+ Six different speeds to choose from. Therefore, every task is easily accomplished.

+ Easy to assemble and can be fully controlled with a single button.

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4. Sun Joe Outdoor Electric Vacuum

This vacuum delivers practical and usable features. It stands out with its roller wheel which ensures easy movability. It also has front raking teeth to ensure all spots are reached.

+ Foam grip handle for easy and convenient holding. Thereby reducing user fatigue.

+ Vacuum to blower or mulcher easy conversion switch.

+ Six adjustable speed settings for different wind speeds.

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5. Toro Power Sweep Electric Leaf Vacuum

The Toro Vacuum stands out due to its small portable size and light weight. It is easy to carry around and is storable in any small space.

+ Control switch conveniently located on handle. Thus allowing for ease of use.

+ Two different speeds to choose from.

+ Easy to use in tight spaces due to its size.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, leaf vacuums are a great addition to any yard. Firstly, it keeps your outdoor areas tidy. Secondly, it prevents the decomposition of leaves on walkways and tiles. Most importantly, it enables leaf collection which can then be disposed off effectively. If you have trouble choosing one, we would like to recommend the WORX Leaf Blower. Its advanced features and amazing performance make it a great option to work with.

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