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The 5 Best Led Light Bulbs of 2021

With energy and environmental concerns on the rise, the led light bulbs have been growing in popularity and in demand over time till date. We recommend purchasing the best LED light bulb, and we created this guide because of the benefits LED bulbs offer. The LED bulbs are energy-saving and produce less heat. They provide higher quality lighting and now are available even with intelligent features such as Alexa compatibility, Wi-Fiapp control and more.

1. Torchstar LED Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs

Torchstar’s Dusk to Dawn LED bulb is a fantastic choice to purchase. Suppose it is simplicity and practicality that you desire without any fancy features. In that case, this is the best bulb for you. It provides powerful 60W of energy and 800lumen lighting. With the auto on and off feature, you need not worry about energy saving or unnecessary energy consumption. With reliable features enough for most. UL and Energystar’s certifications confirm Torchstar’s led light bulb to be of quality.

+ Auto on-off – sunlight detection

+ Certified quality – UL and Energystar

+ Energy saving

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2. NiteBird Smart Light Bulbs

Nitebird is genuinely an intelligent light bulb! It is simple to set up and use…the intelligent features are easily accessible, making the purchase worthwhile. NiteBird can provide 75W of energy with an adjustable warm or white lighting type perfectly suiting for all basic needs. Nitebird’s intelligent features are definitely many and yet easy to use. With voice and AI compatibility, this LED light bulb can be commanded to switch on and off, and other features can be activated through Alexa and Google Home. Nitebird is app-controlled. It allows you to switch colors and scenes according to variety. You can Transition from warm to white light and even reduce, increase or dim the bulb’s brightness. With a brilliant host of reliable yet straightforward features, Nitebird’s LED light bulb is definitely a winner!

+ Warm and white light

+ Smart features

+ Dimmable lighting

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3. Geeni LUX Edison Wi-Fi LED Edison Smart Light Bulb

Geeni’s Lux Edison is genuinely a masterpiece. With intelligent features and energy saving in the true sense. This simple led light bulb is a definite bargain! It requires no hub or brilliant plugs for use, which drastically reduces energy consumption. With in-built Wi-Fi, it is easier to connect Geeni’s LED light bulb with the Wi-Fi router. It is even compatible with Alexa and Google home. Through Geeni’s app, the LED light bulb can be switched on and off, dimmed, transitioned between warm glow and cool white light and can be scheduled based on preference. A cherry on the icing is the Edison filament, which provides a classy yesteryear look. Thus an elegant, smart and straightforward yesteryear light bulb is a deal worth calling one of the best-led light bulbs of 2021!

+ Simple to install- no hub/external hardware required

+ App control

+ Change from warm to white light

+ Voice integration – Alexa, Google

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4. Hola LED Candelabra Bulb

Hola’s Candelabra is another practical and straightforward LED light rivaling the very firstly mentioned Torchstar. With required features at an arm’s reach, Hola truly is worth purchasing without the hassle of understanding intelligent features. Producing 40W of energy and 300 Lumen of light, it is definitely robust, with an inbuilt feature of dimming. This light bulb requires manual dimming and setting up, yet it somehow retains its simplicity, making the purchase worthwhile.

+ Energy saving

+ Dimmable

+ Flicker-free

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5. Hudson Vintage LED 6W Edison Light Bulbs

The Hudson Vintage is rare if you are looking for a retro feel with simple features. Literally speaking, it mimics an exposed filament and an incandescent look with an LED twist. With 60W power, 600Lumen and 2700K brightness lighting, Hudson provides the best vintage LED light bulb out there.

+ Classy vintage look

+ Long-lasting

+ Adjustable warm light

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Wrapping Up

The best light bulb, according to us, is Torchstars LED Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and sticking until the end. We hope our article was worth your time and helped you purchase the perfect LED light bulb.

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