The 5 Best LED Light Strips of 2021

LED light strips are a cool and easy setup which can be used to enhance the ambience in any room. It can add to the décor of a place as well as lend a luminous glow to any area. If you are on the lookout for the best LED light strip of 2021, you have come to the right place. Here is a roundup of the 5 best LED light strips.

1. Tenmiro LED Strip

These energy saving LED’s are easy to install and place around any room. They are highly flexible so it fits into any space.

+ 65.5 feet in length. Enough to decorate an entire room or specific large areas according to your taste.

+ Multi color settings to suit any mood. It features eight lighting modes with millions of different color combinations. Remote controlled for ease of use.

+ They can be used individually or you can link them together to achieve different lengths.

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2. Govee Smart LED Strip Light

The Govee strip lights are vivid and bright and can be easily controlled wirelessly.

+ It has a downloadable smart app that allows you to set the timer and adjust other light attributes.

+ Voice control feature. Alexa and Google Assistant can control the power and brightness of the lights.

+ Built – in microphone allows the light to sync with any music type. So the lights flicker and move in tune to the music. Thereby making them very versatile.

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3. Philips Hue 800276 WCA Plus Light Strip

The Philips Light strip provides an ultimate entertainment experience with hassle – free connectivity.

+ The feature – packed Hue Sync app allows you to sync your lights with movies, music and even PC gaming. Thereby making these light strips highly compatible with any form of entertainment.

+ Works with any Smart Home assistant. It is compatible with all major voice control devices.

+ Smart Lighting feature remembers your lighting preferences even when the Wi-Fi is down. Energy star certified for clean energy provision.

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4. Corsair Elgato Light Strip

The Corsair is an excellent light addition to studio settings. Its highly professional look helps it to blend well in executive settings.

+ Ultra bright option provides light up to 2000 lumen and with 16 million color options.

+ Dimness can be easily modified with the touch of a button. Strong back adhesive to stick to any surface easily. Thus making it very user friendly.

+ Designed to work efficiently with any camera setup to give you professional looking photos and videos.

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5. Deerdance Smart Light Band

These smart lights can be completely controlled from anywhere around your space. Natural looking and bright colors enable them to be utilized perfectly to create the perfect look for a room.

+ Wi-Fi controllable from anywhere. 1-100% brightness control with hands free operation.

+ Music sync with timer and memory function. Can sync and respond to music, voice and hand claps. Twenty dynamic modes of operation.

+ Lifetime technical support with two year warranty is provided. So you can operate it without having to worry about it being faulty..

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, these LED light strips are a great addition to any room and is sure to bring it alive. They are easily customizable to all possible colors and will make any movie or gaming experience very memorable. If you have trouble choosing one, we would like to recommend the Tenmiro LED Strip Lights. Not only do they brighten up a room, but its sure to keep you upbeat with its flashy colors.

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