The 3 Best LiPo Battery Chargers of 2022

LiPo battery charger plays a key role in charging your drones or any other equipment’s. Selecting right chargers plays a pivotal role if not it may lead to to serious mishaps. Here is some of top 3 LiPo chargers for your gadgets.

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1. LiPo Balance Charger

Best LiPo Battery Charger

This LiPo battery charger is compatible with multiple voltage capabilities. It has multiple functions including Li-ion and LiPo balance charging, data storage, battery meter, fast charging, and NiMH discharging and charging. These features ensure the safety of your batteries and prolong your lifetime. 

This charger has a feature that is recommended for experts to use which is the capability to charge with a higher voltage for faster charging. With a low input limit, delta-peak sensitivity, a temperature threshold, and more, this charger is versatile and very useful.

+ Multiple voltage capacities

+ Feature rich

+ temperature threshold

Fast charging for experts only

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2. Tenergy Balance Charger Discharger

Best LiPo Battery Charger

This LiPo charger from Tenergy is compatible with battery packs from many different brands making it a very versatile option. You can add additional connectors with the bare leads connectors. It also works with multiple voltages ranging from 3.7 volts to 22.2 volts. 

This charger has fast charging, cyclic charging, Li-ion and LiPo balancing, data storage, discharging, charging, and more. You can view all of your settings and charging statuses via the LCD screen which is easy to read and navigate.

+ LCD screen

+ Data storage

+ Feature rich

Manual is difficult to understand

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3. Hobbymate Duo Pro Balance Charger

Best LiPo Battery Chargers

Hobbymate provided you a smart lipo charging experience. Various features such as auto-detecting of LiPo-cells, over-voltage control, overheat cut-off and more to make your charging experience hassle free and hazard-less.

The Hobbymate battery charger has dual independent charging ports. This charger also has multiple modes including manual charge, discharge, fast charge, balance control, and storage mode. Some additional features include overheating protection, output protection, time-exceeding protection, overcharge protection, and output current protection.

+ Short circuit protection

+ Wide display

+ Balanced charging of individual cells

Expensive but worth the pay

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What To Consider Before Buying a LiPo Battery Charger

Before purchasing a LiPo battery charger, here are a few things to consider. 


It is recommended to not charge your LiPo battery at more than 1C which means even though you can find one at a higher current that is meant to charge faster, it is not a good idea. You risk overheating by charging too fast.


There are 4 common modes you can expect to see. You may not want or need all of these modes but it’s a good consideration to think about. 

Fast charge- With this mode you can overcharge your battery if you’re not careful. You need to carefully monitor your batteries when using this mode. 

Balance Charge- When both the balance and main lead are plugged in, this is the safest charging mode as well as the most often used mode. 

Storage Charge- This mode helps with long-term storage by keeping the voltage at 3.8V

Discharge Mode- This mode will take the battery as low as the charger allows. 


Naturally, if you’re looking to buy a battery charger you want to make sure you buy one that will last you for as long as you need it to. So, you may need to prepare to drop a pretty penny to find one made of high-quality materials that won’t cause damage to your battery. 

Safety Features

Some safety features to look for include a warning buzzer, temperature limit setting and detection, under and over voltage protection, cell count confirmation, or a time out feature.

Tips For Using a LiPo Battery Charger

Here are a few tips for using your charger to ensure long life in your batteries. 

  • Never leave them unattended
  • Never charge near flammable objects
  • Do not submerge your batteries in liquid
  • Always allow for a full discharge before disposing

Wrapping Up

Wide varieties and various features are available in the market for charging your LiPo batteries. Our top LiPo battery chargers were sorted out from novice to advanced level of battery charging. We hope this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to slow charge LiPo batteries?

Having a slow charge generally helps the batteries to last longer.

Should I fully charge LiPo?

It is not recommended to fully charge your LiPo batteries every time and they should be stored at room temperature.

How long does it take to charge a LiPo battery?

It usually takes between one and two hours to fully charge your LiPo if it has a smaller battery. If It has a larger battery, it can take ten hours or more to charge.