The 3 Best Magnetic Charging Cables of 2021

If you are the one who uses many gadgets and needs different cords for it. We have come up with the best magnetic charging cables available, which will help you charge many devices at the same time.

1. Terasako 3-in-1 Nylon Braided Cord

Terasako 3-in-1 Nylon Braided Cords is a pack of 4 nylon braided cables and 3 sets of magnetic charging tips. It comes with one 1ft, two 3ft and one 6ft cable. It also includes 3 sets of each standard micro USB, USB C and lightning charging tips. This kit will for sure cover all your devices. 360-degree around the tip of the lightning cable makes it easy to find out in dark.

+ Universal compatibility

+ Convenient

+ Interface dustproof

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2. AI Case Magnetic Charging Cable

AI Case Magnetic Charging Cable is a super organized retractable 3-ft Fast Charging Cable. It’s 3 in 1 Self Winding Phone Cable with Data Transmission. Magnetic Charging Cable is compatible with Type-C, Micro USB and iProducts.

+ Durable

+ 2 shade braided TPE cable

+ Supports fast charging

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3. Cjoy Magnetic Charging Cable

Cjoy is a set of 4 10-feet magnetic cables. The magnetic charging cable can not only rotate 360° but also 180° between the interface and the wire. It’s only compatible with Type-C and Micro USB magnetic connectors.

+ Strong adsorption

Doesn’t transfer data

Cannot support lightning

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Wrapping Up

Magnetic charging cables are very helpful to charge devices with different connectors. These cables also come with led light at the tip that makes it easy to find it in the dark. Hope you find our review helpful.

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