The 5 Best Micro USB Cables of 2021

Are you searching for a top rated micro USB cable which connects your smartphone to all possible devices like cameras, laptops and GPS finders? Would you like your charging and data transfer to be quick and efficient? Then do consider adding the micro USB cable to your shopping list. It will be a useful addition to meet all your electronic transfer needs. Take a look at the top 5 micro USB cables of 2021.

1. Ailun Micro USB Cable

The Ailun micro USB cable is very versatile. It is highly compatible with a variety of devices. Its heat resistant, anti-corrosion stainless steel connector head ensures great connectivity.

+ With quick charge and quick sync capabilities. So you can enjoy up to 7% faster charging speed.

+ Ten foot cable. Thereby ensuring that you can reach anywhere without any hassle.

+ Nylon insulation ensures that the wire is tangle free. Thus helping you keep your area neat.

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2. Jsaux Charger Cable

The Jsaux Micro USB cable is designed keeping in mind high durability and functionality.

+ Flexible, powerful cord material with very high tensile strength. Comes with an organizing tape which allows you to adjust the cable length.

+ Hi-speed data transfer and lightning-fast power charging.

+ Joints are reinforced and tested to provide high durability. This helps avoid snapping at the weakest point.

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3. CableCreation Micro USB Charging Cable

This cable features a great ergonomic design. It is very flexible and compatible with a range of devices.

+ It has a cotton – braided wire design which ensures less tangles. Short wire for ease of carrying around.

+ Ultra durability. It is accurately tested so that it lasts longer.

+ Compatible with both iPhone and Samsung devices. 24 month warranty and lifetime technical support.

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4. Anker Powerline Micro USB – Charging Cable

The Anker Powerline charging cable leads the pack in cable strength. It is five times stronger than other available cables on the market.

+ High cable strength is due to the fact that it is built with bullet aramid fibre. Stress points are reinforced in order to improve the life of the charger.

+ Thick wire gauge and lower resistance. Therefore enabling fast charging and faster data transfer speeds.

+ 18 – month warranty with customer service benefits.

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5. Znines Micro USB Cable

This cable features universal compatibility with a variety of devices. It allows charging and transfer at superfast speeds.

+ Tightly woven cord cover helps protect it better. There is lesser chance of fraying the cable.

+ Aluminium connectors prevent fraying while in use. Thus making it durable.

+ 12 month warranty so you do not have to worry about replacements.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, micro USB cables are extremely reliable. They are helpful for all your charging and data transfer needs. Just find the one which is compatible with your device. This will ensure that your data transfer is secure for many years. If you have trouble choosing one, we would like to recommend the Ailun Cable. Its durability and great features are sure to meet your cable needs effectively.

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