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The 5 Best Smart Scales of 2022

Smart scales measure not just your weight, but your entire body composition. These aren’t your average basic scales! With a smart scale, your results can include your body fat ratio, bone health, muscle mass, and much more! Unlike standard scales, smart scales give you an in-depth look at your body’s overall health. Keep reading for a list of the best smart scales of this year.

Best Smart Scales Comparison

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1. Withings Body+

This digital smart scale has results that include your body, fat, and water percentage and can be used by up to 8 users at a time.

+ Highly compatible

+ Automatically syncs results to mobile devices

+ Long lasting battery (up to 18 months)

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2. Eufy Smart Scale P1

The eufy smart scale p1 received the stamp of ” Amazon’s Choice” for smart scales. It gives results for up to 14 different measurements of health, incredible!

+ Higher percentage of accuracy

+ Tracks up to 16 users

+ Large LED Display

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3. Withings Body

With its pregnancy and baby modes, The Withings Body smart scale has results for the entire family. It’s highly compatible and can be used with over 100 health and fitness apps.

+ Exclusive position control technology

+ Advanced weight monitoring

+ Automatic sync to mobile devices

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4. Fitbit Aria 2

Best Smart Scales

The Fitbit Aria 2 can track your body mass index. It’s user-friendly and has a cool sleek, polished design.

+ Tracks up to 8 users

+ Set goals for weight and nutrition

+ Charts your progress

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5. QardioBase2

This smart scale is rechargeable and doesn’t require batteries. After it charges the first time, the battery power lasts an entire year!

+ Includes a pregnancy mode

+ Weekly goal tracking

+ Feedback mode shows smiles instead of numbers for motivation

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Wrapping Up

Smart scales are a modern-day essential for health and fitness offering users motivation, goal tracking and comprehensive reviews of their body inside and out. With their automated technology and high compatibility, you can track the results of your weigh-ins on up to 100 different health and fitness apps.