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The 5 Best Solar Chargers of 2022

Whether you’re an avid hiker, camper, or outdoor enthusiast, solar chargers are a great investment. Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, solar chargers are ideal for anyone who wants to charge electric devices on the go because they rely on solar power. With a solar charger, you eliminate the need for power chords and electric outlets which can be difficult to pack and hard to find outdoors. Let’s take a look at the best solar chargers of this year.

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Best Solar Charger for Backpacking
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Best Universal Battery Charger

1. BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger

The Big Blue 28W Solar charger comes with 4 solar panels for a faster charge, making it great for outdoors! Use it to charge your cellphones, iPad, or Bluetooth speaker.

+ Foldable and lightweight

+ Water and dust resistant

+ 3 USB ports

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2. Blavor Solar Power Bank

This device doubles as a solar charger and a wireless charger. It’s compatible with Apple, Samsung, and Qi-enabled phones.

+ Waterproof, shock proof and dust proof.

+ Built-in flashlight and compass

+ Charge 3 devices simultaneously

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3. Goal Zero Nomad 7

This solar charger is so powerful, one reviewer described it as the “Cadillac of solar power”.

+ Collects up to 7 watts of sun power

+ Charges USB and 12V devices

+ Lightweight

Doesn’t charge tablets

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4. Nekteck 21W Solar Charger

With its smart chip technology, the Neckteck 21W detects USB devices for a faster charge. Talk about efficiency!

+ Metal hook accessories

+ Ultra-thin and lightweight

+ Highly efficient

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5. Anker 21W Solar Panel

The Anker 21W solar panel is super lightweight and portable. It comes equipped with a 3ft micro USB cable, an 18-month warranty, and world-class customer service.

+ High-speed

+ Durable

+ Compact size

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Wrapping Up

Solar chargers are a great way to charge electric devices on the go. They’re perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking or just exploring the outdoors. It’s a sure-fire way to keep your devices charged while you enjoy your outdoor adventures. They’re lightweight, compact, weather-resistant, and equipped with accessories that make them easy for transport. Plus, they’re good for the environment! Who could ask for more?

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