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The 5 Best Solar Phone Chargers of 2021

Solar phone chargers apart from serving the need of charging smartphones are also environmental friendly.

They come in extremely handy in the absence of electricity. If the sun is out, that is all that is required although some of the chargers also come with the dual facility with electrical charging too.

Here are the top 5 solar powered chargers which would be bang for the buck.

1. BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger

With three USB charging ports, this charger helps you to charge multiple devices in one go. The four panels need to be exposed to the sun and the devices is ready for use.

The charger ensures 100% safe charging providing protection from short circuits, overheating and overcharging.

+ Multiple charging ports

+ Easy to carry

+ High energy conversion

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2. Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger

This is a do-it-all battery pack. You can charge with a port or even wirelessly. Having a 10,000 MAH battery, this is well equipped to serve your needs.

The phone charger also has a built in dual bright flashlight and comes with a portable compass kit. Will come in extremely handy on hiking rips and a perfect companion for every adventure.

+ Multi use charger

+ Durable

+ Battery life

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3. Anker 21W 2-Port USB Portable Solar Charger

The panels of this charger unfold to a span of 18 inches which helps to cover a large surface area of sunshine.

Extremely lightweight, weighing just under a pound, this is ultra easy to carry anywhere and can charge two devices at once.

+ Fast charging

+ Compact size

+ Lightweight

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4. X-DRAGON 20W SunPower Solar Panel

Equipped with exclusive solar technology, this charger can automatically adjust the current and voltage to achieve the maximum possible power.

Equipped with 2 USB ports which would help in charging multiple devices at once, this captures a good amount of the sunshine with it’s 23 inch span.

+ Fast charging

+ Dual setup

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5. Nekteck 21W Solar Charger

Having a 26 inch span, coverage wouldn’t be an issue for this particular charger. This also comes with a micro USB which can charge compatible cameras and battery packs.

Having a small size when folded, this is easy to fit in your backpack with the help of the attachment hook provided.

+ Fast charging

+ Easy to carry

+ Overcurrent & overcharge protection

Does not store power

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Wrapping Up

Whether it be for your hiking and trekking trips, weekend getaways or simply want to try something cool, these bunch of solar phone chargers will come in extremely handy.

While giving you a break from the dependency on traditional chargers, these are also environmental friendly and a necessary piece of technology for your next adventure.

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