The 5 Best Track Saws of 2021

Track saws are known to be quite precise and accurate when compared to circular saws. As a result, there are a lot of options available out there that make choosing one of them a bit difficult. In this article, we present to you the list to choose the best track saw from.

1. Wen CT1065 Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw

The Wen Track Saw provides users the same results as a table or panel saw in a compact and portable package. Simply lay the track (not included – model CT9502) along the desired surface for a clean and smooth cut. The Wen Track Saw is the perfect companion for ripping plywood, trimming doors, building furniture, and any other application needing long, precise cuts. The powerful 10-amp motor rotates the 6-1/2 inch blade up to 5500 times per minute, letting you power through even the hardest of woods. Bevel the saw 45 degrees to the left to create angled cuts in boards up to 1-5/8 inches thick. Set the depth gauge anywhere from 0 to 2-1/3 inches to control how deep the saw plunges. The 12 x 6-5/8 inch base features precision grooves that let the saw glide smoothly along the track.

+ Perfect for ripping boards 

+ Easy to use

+ Good value for money

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2. Makita SP6000J Plunge Circular Track Saw

Get precise, accurate cutting and a splinter-free mirror finish, without the table saw. Makita’s SP6000K 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Circular Saw delivers smooth, straight cuts. When you combine it with an optional guide rail system, constructed with anodized aluminum, the saw, and rail system work together to produce accurate cuts with minimal tear-out. The saw combines a powerful 12 amp motor and a large cutting capacity with magnesium components for less weight and electronic speed control to maintain constant speed under load for smooth cutting and a splinter-free mirror finish. The SP6000K is a more portable option to a table saw and is ideal for use on the jobsite or in the shop. Maximum cut depth at 90 degree – 2.188 inches.

+ Electronic speed controls

+ Soft start feature for smooth start-ups

+ Easy blade changes

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3. Popoman Cordless Circular Track Saw

Popoman Cordless Circular Saw is easy-to-use, durable, portable, lightweight, and very powerful. You can use it for construction, remodeling, and for all your craft projects, such as cut wood, laminate flooring, plastics, ceramic tiles, slate, aluminum plates. Power copper motor of Popoman 4-1/2″ circular saw provides 3500 RPM and maintains speed under load. Optimized ergonomic rubber grip provides ease and less fatigue to your hand.

+ Ergonomic Design

+ Lightweight

+ Laser and parallel guide

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4. Skilsaw SPT77WML Circular Track Saw

The lightest worm drive continues the long tradition of Skilsaw quality, rugged durability, and consistently exceptional cutting performance. Weighing in at just 11.5 lbs., it’s the lightest worm drive saw on the market. The rugged magnesium housing stays strong but keeps the motor cooler, giving you powerful performance job after job. Legendary Skilsaw worm drive technology meets our best-in-class dual-field motor, invented specifically for saws. This model even comes with a Skilsaw blade, just to make sure your Skilsaw is tough as nails right out of the box.

+ Lightest magnesium construction reduces

+ The anti-snag lower guard provides smooth

+ Helps with quick, accurate depth measurements

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5. Teccpo Compact Circular Saw with Laser Guide

The copper motor delivers less heat than the general copper-clad aluminum motor to drastically extend your saw’s lifetime. Easy-set depth gauge lever for adjustable cutting depth from 0-27mm. Legible laser guide and 7” scale ruler can assist you to cut a precise straight line. The gauge iron wraparound base and aluminum upper cover for improved safety. The double safety button offers double protection, in case of any accidental start-up. Grip with integrated safety trigger for safer control. This mini circular saw weighs only 5.25 lb, which can be a good addition to your toolkit. Optimized ergonomic rubber grip provides ease and less fatigue to one-handed operation. The 15.75 inches vacuum adapter allows connection to your vacuum, preventing you from the inhalation of dust. Maintain a cleaner working environment.

+ Powerful copper motor

+ Precise laser guide and safe design

+ Lightweight and ergonomic design

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Wrapping Up

If you want a saw for your carpentry projects, then track saws can be an excellent option for precision wood cutting. These can be quite useful for both home users as well as for industrial applications.

Thus, we have mentioned some of the best track saws in this article along with differences. And the detailed buying guide can be quite useful for learning the various factors of a track saw like its blade size, motor power, motor speed, etc.

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