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The 5 Best TV Wall Mounts of 2022

TV wall mounts are great in preventing unnecessary damage! Be it from children, pets, or even yourself, TVs are so easy to knock over! Aesthetically a TV looks much better on the wall whilst also freeing up space. No matter the size of your TV there is a wall mount for you! Below, we have found the best tv wall mounts of 2022!

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1. Invision TV Wall Mount 24-55 inches

Featuring swivel and tilt motions, this TV wall mount definitely goes that extra mile. It’s suitable for TVs between 24-55 inches. Do check the weight of your TV to confirm it is within the 36.2 kg weight capacity. The Invision wall mount has been manufactured with cold-rolled steel for maximum strength! Its slim design also allows TVs to be closer to the wall but if you want it closer to you, the extender gives you that option.

+ Tilts, extends, & swivels

+ Suitable for curved TVs

+ 36.2 kg weight capacity

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2. Perlesmith TV Wall Mount 32-55 inches

This universal TV Wall mount has a 5 degree upward tilt and -12 degree downward tilt. Perfect for those that love to fiddle with their TV! The two steel arms provide maximum strength allowing a weight capacity of 45 kg. It also extends the TV outwards by up to 40cm! Standard assembly material is included for a smooth installation.

+ 45 kg weight limit

+ Tilts, extends, & swivels

+ Standard assembly material provided

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3. BONTEC Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount 23-55 inches

If you’re looking for a TV bracket that fits as close to the wall as possible, this is definitely an option! Measuring 30 mm from the wall, this is one of the closest we could find! The -15 degree downward tilt allows you to alter the view. Made from aluminium this TV wall mount has a weight capacity of up to 45 kg. Wall anchors and other installation items are included with purchase.

+ Flat to wall

+ -15 degree tilt

+ Includes wall anchors

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4. ECHOGEAR Advanced Tilt Wall Mount 40-86 inches

If you have a TV that’s bigger than 55 inches, you’ll probably need this wall mount! It has a weight capacity of 56 kg and can hold TVs of up to 86 inches. The TV extends 5.8 inches from the wall allowing your supersized TV room to tilt by 15 degrees! For ease of installation, a wall drilling template and levelling device is also included.

+ TVs from 40-86 inches

+ 56 kg weight capacity

+ Includes hardware kit

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5. VonHaus TV Bracket 32-70 inches

Suitable for supersized TVs is the VonHaus TV wall mount! Featuring a weight capacity of 75 kg you can be certain your TV is in safe hands! It’s flat to the wall extending outwards by only 65 mm! A full set of instructions and a hardware kit are provided with the purchase. For peace of mind enjoy a 25-year warranty!

+ 25 year warranty

+ TVs from 32-70 inches

+ 75 kg weight capacity

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Wrapping Up

Whether you’re fussy and always fiddling with your TV, or just want your TV as flat to the wall as possible. The above list features a set of TV wall mounts no matter your lifestyle! Always check your TVs weight capacity before purchase. Varying in price, weight, and TV size our selection will hopefully provide you with the best TV wall mount of 2021!

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