The 5 Best USB Wall Chargers of 2021

We all know, that no amount of power outlets will keep our electric devices running if they all have to fight for a single USB adapter. Because of this, we’ve decided to list some of the most popular USB wall chargers currently available on Amazon. With any luck, you’ll find the one for you!

1. Anker PowerPort Mini

The Anker PowerPort Mini is the perfect solution for travels and home use. The charger does not just come with a foldable plug and two outlets, but also with Anker’s PowerIQ technology, for an optimized charge.

+ 18 month warranty

+ Anker’s customer service

+ Sleek and compact design

No iPhone/Samsung fast-charge

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2. Anker PowerPort Speed 4

Once again an Anker product, the PowerPort 4 represents the company’s higher-end alternative for USB wall chargers. This version includes four outlets, rather than two, one of which is equipped with Quick Charge 3.0 technology, promising top results in the shortest amount of time.

+ Same Anker advantages as mentioned above

+ Quick Charge


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3. Amazon Basics 40W 4-Port Multi USB Wall Charger

Amazon Basics’ 4-Port charger can be best described as Anker’s no-frill cousin. However, this comes with the advantage of a lower price-point. As with most of Amazon Basic’s products, this device enjoys wide popularity and solid ratings.

+ Recognized value for money

+ Four ports

No special features

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4. Nekmit 3.1 A

Nekmit’s charger has a huge advantage over many other options on the market – the design. Due to the slim dimensions, the Nekmit 3.1 A does not block other devices on a multiple-outlet socket, while still being able to connect to two USB cables at once.

+ Clever design

No fast-charge

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5. Ailkin Dual Port

It does not get much more straightforward than Ailkin’s two-pack of dual port chargers. Affordable and available in multiple colors, this is an obvious and straightforward solution to most charging needs.

+ Affordable

+ Multiple designs available

No fast-charge or special features

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Wrapping Up

Ultimately, it is hard to say which is the objectively best USB wall charger – it totally depends on what you are looking for. The options listed above all have their merits and enjoy no small popularity – we are sure one of them will be the right one for you too!

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